Best Dance Songs: May 2015

  1. Deadboy - "White Moon Garden" [Local Action Records]
  2. Akasha System - "Parasail Coast" [S/R]
  3. Niagara - "Arruda" [Príncipe Discos]
  4. No Zu - "Medusa Beat" [Home Loan Records]
  5. Callosum - "Overture" [Car Crash Set]
  6. Doline - "Elusive" [Sound Pellegrino]
  7. Lixo - "Splurger" [S/R]
  8. Liar - "Enoch Dub" [Infinite Machine]
  9. DJ Big Vado ft. DJ Estraga - "Camarate" [Warp Records]
  10. The Cyclist - "Higher Volumes" [Music/Is/for/Losers]
Baby Armie's dance charts are also available on Resident Advisor. Variations are available on Spotify and Beatport.

Akasha System - "Sleep Grid"


White Poppy - "Mermaids"


Willie Burns - "The Reject"


Bobby Browser - "Go 90"


Baby Armie - THUMP's Built for the Chill (The Lost Episode)

This is a mix I created for THUMP's Built for the Chill series about nine months ago. Unfortunately the series got canned due to SoundCloud takedowns right before this mix was scheduled to publish. It would have been pretty huge for a lowly small-town hobbyist DJ/blogger/podcaster like myself to have one of my mixes hosted by the VICE network. So I'm a bit bummed to share the mix in this manner, but I'm also happy to finally get it out there.

Thematically it's very much a mishmash of the a lot of the quieter, gentler mixes I've made for my podcast and other entities over the past few years: some vintage ambient, prog, new age, exotica, and soft pop alongside a few newer tracks. Do enjoy.

  1. Cults Percussion Ensemble - "Circles" [Highland Recording Studio, 1976]
  2. Björn Olsson - "Mellanspel" [Omplatten, 1999]
  3. Orcas - "Petrichor" [Morr Music, 2014]
  4. Weather Report - "Scarlet Woman" [Columbia, 1974]
  5. Vangelis Katsoulis - "Overdrive" [Utopia, 1988]
  6. Rodion G.A. - "Longing for Home" [Animafilm Studio, 1984]
  7. Korla Pandit - "Magnetic Theme" [Fantasy, 1962]
  8. Larry Heard - "Faint Object Detection" [Black Market International, 1996]
  9. Mark Barrott - "Back to the Sea" [International Feel, 2014]
  10. China Crisis - "Jean Walks in Fresh Fields" [Virgin Records, 1982]
  11. Fhloston Paradigm - "Tension Remains" [Hyperdub, 2014]
  12. David Bowie - "Subterraneans" [RCA Victor, 1977]
  13. Young Marco - "Out of Wind" [ESP Institute]
  14. Eric Serra - "Synchronised Instant" [Virgin Records, 1988]
  15. Biosphere - "Juno" [Biophon Records, 199?]
  16. Tak Shindo - "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" [Mercury, 1962]
  17. Francis Monkman - "Getting Ready" [Bruton Music, 1978]
  18. Eric Malmberg - "Verjaget" [Häpna, 2005]
  19. Lewis - "Thought the World of You" [R.A.W. Records, 1983]
  20. Jóhann Jóhannsson - "Bad" [Touch, 2002]

user18081971 - calm [Playlist]


Stellar OM Source - "Sudden"


Mike Tamburo - "Emperor and Penguin Part 1"


Gentle Daps XV: Guest Mix by Beat Bachs

Beat Bachs is a Fayetteville-based DJ and jack of all trades. He's been active in radio for 16 years and counting with a few different projects, namely the film industry talkshow The Drive-in Speakerbox. That show got its start as a spotlight on film scores (and still incorporates film score material between talk segments). Beat Bachs, who goes by The Boom Operator on the show, has been amassing a gigantic collection of scores over the past decade for the show. He was kind enough to pour over this entire archive and pick out the quietest, dreamiest pieces he could find for Gentle Daps XV.

For more of Beat Bachs' projects, check out Art Amiss, a local art collective of which he's the president.

  1. Brian Eno - "Track 10" [from Glitterbug, 1994]
  2. Andre Artemyev - "They Go Long" [from Stalker, 1979]
  3. Massive Attack - "P is for Piano" [from Danny the Dog, 2005]
  4. Michael Boddicker - "Penny's Theme" [from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, 1985]
  5. The Edge & Michael Brook - "Hiro's Theme" [from Captive, 1986]
  6. Paul Hertzog - "The Morning After" [from Bloodsport, 1988]
  7. Manuel de Sica - "Will I See Her Again?" [from Dellamorte Dellamore, 1994]
  8. John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - "Romero and the President" [from Escape From New York, 1981]
  9. Brad Fiedel - "Dream Window" [from Fright Night, 1985]
  10. Roy Budd - "Hallucinations (Instrumental)" [from Get Carter, 1971]
  11. Jon Brion - "Cubes" [from I ♥ Huckabees, 2004]
  12. Giorgio Moroder - "Irena's Theme" [from Cat People, 1982]
  13. Jan Hammer - "Sunset" [from Beyond the Mind's Eye, 1992]
  14. Alan Silvestri - "Main Title" [from Romancing the Stone, 1984]
  15. Keith Forsey - "Love Theme" [from The Breakfast Club, 1985]
  16. David Newman - "Thank You San Dimas High" [from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, 1989]