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"With Every Heartbeat" Goes to #1 in the UK


Looks like your girl Robyn made it to #1 on the UK singles chart as reported by BBC. She beat out Timbaland, Kanye, Fergie and other non-Brits. The success of the single will undoubtedly fuel its critical acclaim, but this is a tricky situation for us snobs.

"With Every Heartbeat" was originally released last year as a Kleerup 7-inch on Risky Dazzle. Only 600 were pressed. So obviously the song/single didn't _impact_ until this year. What does it all mean? Well, it basically means that when you compile your favorite singles of 2007 list, "With Every Heartbeat" better not be on it. If it is, you are either A) misinformed, B) ignorant or C) a liar. It will render your entire list moot.

Why? Because it's a 2006 single. The 2007 release is simply a reissue. And you can't put a previous year's single on this year's chart. I won't allow it. I make these rules.

Anyway, have you seen the video? If not, poor you. (Actually, it has two videos, one for each release, the latter of which merits the "poor you.")

Kleerup ft. Robyn – "With Every Heartbeat"

Robyn ft. Kleerup – "With Every Heartbeat"