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At Long Last: Junior Senior in the US


Make a wish, kids. The stars have aligned, and everyone's favorite gay/straight Jutlandic dance-pop duo has finally gotten US distribution for their 2005 sophomore effort, Hey Hey My My Yo Yo. If you haven't heard the album, you have spent the past two years in sad, ignorant self-deprivation. Luckily, the new deluxe edition contains the eight-track Say Hello, Wave Goodbye EP as a bonus disc, so it's a better time than ever to get acquainted with the album.

The 11 tracks that made up the original Danish issue of Hey Hey My My Yo Yo on Crunchy Frog stand very well on their own, but the addition of the EP certainly ups the ante. It's like a gift fruit basket, an apology for making you wait 24 months. You expected some sort of reparation, but you figured it would come more along the lines of a Hallmark card. And when the overpriced plastic-wraped goody appeared on your doorstep, you were pleased as punch. And that one pear sure tasted better than you deserved.

Rykodisc has done the honor of distributing the album stateside. It came out on Tuesday, so go pick it up! Here is one track from the bonus EP as well as a remix. These are my fruit basket condolences to you:

Junior Senior – "Together for One Last Dance"

Junior Senior – "Can I Get Get Get (Tore Johansson Remix)"

Bonus: Video for "Take My Time," a B-52's collab!

Oh btw, Stereogum posted another song from the bonus EP here.