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Joanna Newsom – "The Book of Right-On (Pocketknife's Scowling Owl Remix)"


I _loves_ me some J-Nu. She and I will be married some day, and we'll live in an observatory nestled into a giant hollowed-out mushroom. It'll have a copper spiral staircase. Our kids will play Rygar a lot.

Perhaps the only song in my future wife's entire catalog that absolutely _begs_ for some remix action is "The Book of Right-On," with its pop repetition and bassy harp thuds. (Enter Flagrant Fowl.)

This remix has been around since April or so, but it's only been available on the Flagrant Fowl Mini Mega Mix, which—lucky for—us is still available for download. (For those of you who like ignoring the internet, Flagrant Fowl is a Brooklyn-based DJ duo comprised of Cousin Cole and Pocketknife.)

The pair is scheduled to put out a mix album called Tambourine Dream next month. It will consist entirely of folk tracks remixed by the duo. They claim selected songs from the mix will be put out on wax by Flamin' Hotz, which is the home label to Dwizz. An unmixed version of the CD will follow in October. We can't confirm this, but we'll go ahead and assume this remix will be on the album.


P.S. Joanna is going to be touring the US in October and November with a _full_orchestra_! If you live in or around one of cities listed below, A) I hate you, and B) you _better_ not miss it! I expect a full scoop upon your return. And when you go, be sure to take note of the following: her attire, fingernail polish color and number of times she chirps while singing. K, thanks!

Oct. 21, Pabst Theater (Milwaukee)
Oct. 29, Benaroya Hall (Seattle)
Nov. 04, Music in the Mountains (Grass Valley)
Nov. 09, Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles)
Nov. 17, Woodruff Arts Center Symphony Hall (Atlanta)