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M.I.A. – KCRW Rips + "Jimmy"


This makes five in a row. It will be my last M.I.A. post for a while. (I promise.) These are rips from the KCRW performance from this past Thursday, seven tracks in all. I suppose I'm not quite as blown away by this set after repeated listens. But of the previously unheard songs ("Bamboo Banga," "20 Dollar," "Hussel" and "Paper Planes"), the Diplo-produced "Paper Planes" does stand out quite a bit. The summer vibe on that track is damn irresistible. "Summer murdah!"

"Bamboo Banga"
"20 Dollar"
"Paper Planes"

By the way, did anyone see that Perez Hilton posted the Bollywood-themed alleged Kala track "Jimmy"? It's totally different from the other Kala tracks we've heard, very much a disco-house stomper. It's based on a sample from the Parvati Khan song "Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aja."

An unusual post for Perez—more power to him. However, I'm not so sure this leak of "JImmy" a truly legit album version of the track. It just seems way too bubblegum for Maya. Not that I'm complaining. I've been on some strange Bollywood kick as of late, so it certainly fits my mood. I suppose we'll find out if it's legit for sure on Wednesday, which is the official release date for Kala in Japan. The U.S. and U.K. releases won't drop until later this month. I'll probably order the Japanese version because A) I don't feel like waiting two weeks and B) I want it for the three bonus tracks.