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AiMT 2007: Best Dance Remixes

It may seem as though we've been slipping into slow dormancy over the past few weeks here at AiMT. Here's my first of three excuses. I'll get around to posting the other two (singles and albums lists) sooner or later. All in good time…

These lists are by far the biggest features I've ever written/compiled on this site or any other. Seriously. There are approximately 800 billion lines of html code for each list. Shit is insane. So please forgive my lack of posts in the past few weeks. After I get these lists out of the way, things will likely return to normalcy around these parts.

Anyway, you may ask yourself, "Hey, it's mid January—why is this tool just now getting around to doing 2007 year-end lists?" And that would be a perfectly valid question. To answer it, I'll need two more excuses:

1) I did indeed wait until the last minute to really get serious about compiling these lists. The last week in December to be exact. My bad.

2) Actually #1 was on purpose to some degree. You see, unlike the vast majority of web (and print) media entities, AiMT recognizes that 2007 doesn't end until 2008 begins. So in order to take into account a given year in its entirety, one mustn't rule out those last few weeks in December like so many publications do. And it would ultimately be in one's best interest to take two weeks or so after said year's end to process said year. Would that be so wrong?

I suppose there are a number of ways one could go about such list compiling. There's one big question to ask: Should I sacrifice content for timeliness or vice versa? I tend to opt for the latter.

My view on this has a lot to do with my own militant anal retentive (aka awesome) tendencies on the subject. I've taken into account every on-topic retail release that came out in 2007 and nothing more (albeit with one very big exception, which I will explain when the time is right). This disqualifies anything released on or before December 31, 2006. It also disqualifies early 2008 releases.

For this particular list, I have factored out any white label or non-retail, internet-only remixes. I also specified it as a "dance" list because the concept of an "urban" remix is usually very different from that of a dance remix. There were certainly a few noteworthy urban remixes in 2007, but they would not have been at home on this list.

If there is one piece of flack I catch for this list, it will be that Switch did not make it. Don't get me wrong—Switch is a sick, sick individual, and he definitely turned out some good remixes in '07. However, I felt that most of his remix output hadn't really progressed from what he was putting out in '05 or '06. He's still doing the squelchy, semi-atonal house thing, and he does it very well, but we've heard him do that stuff just as well in past years.

Ahem, and now that that's out of the way, on with the show plz?

In Flagranti25. Black Devil Disco Club – "On Just Foot Forever (In Flagranti Remix)" [Lo]

If you thought the disco revival ended in '06, think again. Brooklyn-based producer In Flagranti continues to capture the fluid analog majesty of the genre's glory days.

Seiji24. Britney Spears – "Gimme More (Seiji Mix)" [Zomba] NSFW

When he's not doing the baile funk 12-inch thing on Man Recordings, Seiji spends some time here and there showing Britney her electro dark side.

Alan Braxe23. Kylie Minogue – "2 Hearts (Alan Braxe Remix)" [EMI Australia]

Kylie's lead off single to her new album X sounded like a circa '05 Goldfrapp outtake, but we can forgive her of that much considering her remix roster.

Justus Köhncke22. Hiem – "Clubscene Popscene (A Just Us Discopop Version)" [Eskimo]

"Just Us" is code for Justus Köhncke. We couldn't help but sneak a little techno into this list, even if the genre is a bit off-topic for us.

SebastiAn21. Sébastien Tellier – "Sexual Sportswear (SebastiAn Remix)" [Record Makers]

SebastiAn brings Mr. Tellier's Moroder nod into the 21st century with his remix of "Sexual Sportswear," the original version of which has a much-hyped music video.

DJ Eli20. M.I.A. – "Jimmy (DJ Eli Remix)" [Interscope]

Somehow Brooklyn's DJ Eli Escobar managed to work C+C Music Factory-leaning orchestra hits into M.I.A.'s already-kitchtacular Bollywood tribute without sending it all into cheesy overload. Big up Eli.

Reverso 6819. Badly Drawn Boy – "Promises (Reverso 68 Remix)" [EMI UK]

Indie rock's forgotten sadboy hopeful makes an unlikely appearance on our list thanks to Reverso 68's slow motion disco rework.

Bag Raiders18. Muscles – "One-Inch Badge Pin (Bag Raiders Protein Shake Up)" [Bang Gang]

(Um, perhaps I should take this opportunity to apologize to the Bag Raiders for forever associating them with Soulja Boy?)

Hervé17. Róisín Murphy – "Overpowered (Hervé and Róisín in the Secret Garden)" [EMI UK]

Very few of Róisín's remixes did the trick for us, but we were certainly happy with this one.

Scottie B16. !!! – "Heart of Hearts (Scottie B Remix)" [Warp]

This mix is a testament to Scottie B's mastery of everything Baltimore. !!! is near the bottom of my "Artists That Would Sound Good If They Were Remixed by a BMore Producer" list, but Scottie brings it home, and suddenly it all makes sense.

Sticky15. Britney Spears – "Gimme More (Sticky Mix)" [Zomba] NSFW

Sticky may not be the British Timbaland, but he is a member of the Dirty Pop collective, of which I can almost guarantee you'll hear plenty more in '08.

In Flagranti14. 33Hz [ft. Devin the Dude & Teki Latex] – "Paris, Texas (In Flagranti Mix)" [Dither Down] NSFW

"Paris, Texas" is one of those singles with enough momentum behind it to merit an entire full length of remixes, even though it has no source album or B-sides. (And we're not mad at it for that.)

Mirage13. Indeep – "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (Mirage Remix)" [Italians Do It Better]

If you told me in 2001 that one of my favorite remixes of 2007 would have been of Indeep, I would have called your bluff. Italians Do It Better demonstrates that the disco revival can take place off the dance floor.

Riot in Belgium12. Chromeo – "Bonafied Lovin' (Riot in Belgium & Ooh Ee Remix)" [Vice]

"Bonafied Lovin'" was one of our favorite singles of '07 as well. (We also fancied the Jori Hulkkonen remix.)

OrtzRoka11. Robyn – "Handle Me (OrtzRoka Death to Disco Remix)" [Universal Island]

Robyn's self-titled album has managed to pwn critics' lists since '05, and '07 is no exception.

diskJokke10. Lindstrøm – "Breakfast in Heaven (diskJokke Remix)" [Feedelity]

Lindstrøm doesn't often stray too far from the headphone safety of bedroom disco, but fellow Norwegian producer diskJokke brings him an inch or two closer to the dance floor.

Lo-Fi-Fnk09. MIKA – "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) (Lo-Fi-Fnk Remix)" [Casablanca]

Say what you will about MIKA's solo work, but the guy has had the most impressive remix roster of any major label artist in at least the past few years. Swedish duo Lo-Fi-Fnk's take on Big Girl" gave MIKA a sharp upgrade without compromising the quirkiness.

Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve08. Tracey Thorn – "Raise the Roof (Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation)" [Virgin]

While '05 and '06 introduced the disco revival on a mass scale, '07 saw the genre branch off into many subcategories. Erol Alkan's side project Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve dove into a mellow disco psychedelia complete with fantasy references.

Ola Salo07. Lo-Fi-Fnk – "Wake Up (Ola Salo & Jens Anderson Remix)" [La Vida Locash]

Ola Salo & Jens Anderson from the Swedish glam rock band The Ark take the award for most unlikely remixers of the '07. The 6/8-to-4/4 switchero they pull in the middle of the track is downright masterful.

Prins Thomas06. Sorcerer – "Surfing at Midnight (Prins Thomas Miks)" [Tirk]

More psychedelic disco reworkings—this time from Prins Thomas, who takes the '07 award for lengthiest remixes.

DatA05. Big Face – "I Wanna Be a Style Crusader (DatA Remix)" [Kitsuné]

We ♥ the original "I Wanna Be a Style Crusader," but we ♥♥♥ this remix. DatA worked the now sound of Paris to the fullest on this one.

Studio04. Kylie Minogue – "2 Hearts (Version by Studio)" [EMI Australia]

Swedish duo Studio are like the darker counterpart to fellow Swedes The Tough Alliance, and their version of "2 Hearts" is like hearing Avalon-era Roxy Music backing Kylie. It doesn't get much better.

Calvin Harris03. The Mitchell Brothers – "Michael Jackson (Calvin Harris Remix)" [The Beats]

Despite the huge amount of hype he got, we weren't all that impressed with Calvin Harris' output in '07 with the exception of this remix (and this is a BIG exception).

Ocelot Mthrfckrs02. Robyn – "Be Mine (Ocelot Mthrfckrs Remix)" [Universal Island]

Texas/UK duo Ocelot Mthrfckrs give us the first instance we can remember in which trance music has been both good and—as far as we can tell—100% non-ironic. It has everything you'd expect to hear in a trance song: over-filtered synth silliness, neo-classical chord progressions—it's all there. The sharp electro edge is what makes it so approvable, and it makes us wonder why no one has been successful in making "savvy" trance music until now.

Radioclit01. MIKA - "Lollipop (Radioclit Vocal Mix)" [Casablanca]

We made the mistake of sleeping on UK duo Radioclit until the very end of the year. They seemed so vacant with their expletive-embracing alias and oh-so-tasteful pink button symbol. Our bad for reading this book by its hairy cover. With this particular remix, they manage to make an incredibly silly song ten times sillier than it ever had to be, and thank God they did. The refreshingly original tropical house vibe together with the brilliantly inaccurate Super Mario Bros. loop easily casts this mix into BFF status.

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