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New Method for Submitting Music

In an effort to be more personable with artists, labels and DJs submitting content, we've adopted the SoundCloud DropBox as our new primary (and preferred) method of receiving submissions. It's a nifty new service that debuted last month. We're just now jumping on the bandwagon. The DropBox is invite-only for blogs receiving submissions, but if you're a musical act doing the submitting, the service is public and the signup is free.

We prefer hearing from the artists directly. We find middlemen (vanity publicists and promoters)* to be troublesome. The DropBox is a way of weeding out those middlemen, and that's why we like it. Using it is pretty self-explanatory, so give it a shot:

Send your track to AiMT
Some additional pointers on submitting:

We'll continue to accept submissions via e-mail, but we hereby consider e-mail submissions secondary. We're very enthusiastic about having a busy inbox, and we'll gladly accept any on-topic submissions you may have for us (keywords: on-topic). If you submit off-topic content, it will be disregarded. That much goes for the DropBox, too.

* AiMT does not shun publicists, but we do tend to favor friendly personal messages over pseudo-spam.