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Resident Advisors' Top DJs of 2008 Poll

Resident Advisor is compiling a Top DJs of 2008 poll for currently registered RA users. (That's right—unfortunately, if you haven't already registered, you won't be eligible to vote on this particular list.)

As much as this list will help to invalidate that pesky other top DJs list, it won't exactly be the savviest DJ list on the planet. Users won't be able to punch in their own nominations unless said nominations already exist in RA's DJ pages. This cuts out a lot of obvious picks: XXXChange, Ayres, Cousin Cole, Emynd, Hood Internet, and, most importantly, GIRL TALK!

Not that I'm some crazy huge Greg Gillis groupie, but how the F-bomb are y'all RA people going to sleep at night knowing the Bill Gates-approved poster child of the new DJ movement doesn't even qualify to place on your little list? What kind of excuse could you possibly have for this?

Lemme guess. You held a big important business meeting in which you disqualified him early on because he interferes with your infallibly Euro notions of dance music and DJ culture. That sound right?

To make matters more confusing, Depeche Mode and Björk both have DJ listings. Why? Because RA allows any producer or live act to get a DJ page with no strings attached:

Despite the name, the DJ Pages are not just for DJs. If you are [a] producer or group who performs out, you can create a DJ Page.

Luckily, the rules for the poll explain that only "true" DJs are eligible for the final list:

One final thing to remember: There is a difference between DJs and live acts, and we're going to be making that distinction in our poll, which means people like Mathew Jonson, Booka Shade, Daft Punk, and Justice aren't eligible for this particular poll.

That's a nice thought, but when compiling my list, I was able to place Justice and Daft Punk and every other non-DJ with an RA DJ listing. This essentially means that many users will be throwing their votes away on their favorite artists.

My own definition of "DJ" is a bit wonky, but I figure it has to be in this day and age. I figure mash-up artists are DJs because they're working with audio from different sources and mixing it together. They may never spin their work live, but they're still mixing audio and creating potential DJ tools and ultimately taking part in DJ culture. Likewise, if someone makes a mixtape, he/she doesn't necessarily have to perform the set live to go through the motions of being a DJ. These scenarios are valid not only in urban DJ culture but in dance DJ culture as well.

I'll quit my bitching now. I don't mean to go so hard on RA. I'm sure they know what they're doing. In any case, if you've got an RA login, you should go make your own totally authentic DJ picks list. Here's mine:

1. Diplo
2. Tim Sweeney
3. Radioclit
4. Aeroplane
5. A-Trak

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