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Top 100 Fail

(via DJmag)

Attacking trance in 2008 is like shooting fish blue whales in a barrel shot glass. Some variety of trance will thrive as long as the following exist: men's hair product, chemoluminescence, recreational hallucinogens, hemp necklaces, arenas, guidos and guidettes, NORML, and countries without a RAVE Act equivalent.

That's not to say I haven't (both kitschily and non-kistchily) enjoyed a bit of trance here and there in my lifetime. But that doesn't mean I can excuse lists like this from being compiled by people who I'm assuming don't live under rocks. There are 100 entries in all. Take a look at the top 10:

01. Armin van Buuren
02. Tiësto
03. Paul van Dyk
04. Above & Beyond
05. David Guetta
06. Ferry Corsten
07. Sasha
08. Markus Schulz
09. John Digweed
10. Infected Mushroom

Really, y'all? Sasha? Digweed? Paul van Dyk? Tiësto? Aren't these just track list entries from the first CD-R you ever burned back in '99? The same track list you initially dubbed onto cassette before getting your first burner eight months later?

Look, I understand that DJmag is a niche publication, but this list is straight twattery. It's based on public votes, most of which sadly come from the U.S. Voters not too surprisingly ignored every new and blossoming movement in dance music culture with almost no exceptions.

It's not the list itself so much that grates my nerves—it's the publication's implied authenticity of it. It's how they portray it as some sort of comprehensive end-all to club culture at large. I don't attach any more meaning to it than I would to a FOX News poll claiming to speak for all of America.

Not that I was ever down with DJmag in the first place, but consider this an official boycott. They're deader than the GOP to me.

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