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AiMT's Sad Excuse for a Final Post of 2008

Forgive me in advance, but I'm going to blog about blogging for a moment.

Believe it or not, I've been working on this post off and on now for about a week. The holidays have been good to me, but they have not provided me with a reasonable computer on which to blog. Maxed out RAM and browser crashes have been cramping my style, hence the inactivity. Said inactivity is especially undesirable because last week I saw my biggest ever spike in traffic due to the year-end features. So to all my new readers, welcome, and sorry for the short hiatus.

End blog blogging. Now, let's talk about rap for no real good reason. There are so many questions about where rap will go in '09. Will NOLA bounce become trendy on a national scale? Will there be a Top 40 Baltimore club/rap track? Will Dude 'n Nem get their label game tight and drop that full length? Will an openly gay rapper finally break through? Will Ron Browz smoke too many drugs and get a laryngectomy (fingers crossed)?

I cannot answer such questions, but I can offer some speculation in the form of an 8tracks mix I cobbled together recently:

Big Freedia

1. 5th Ward Weebie - "Catch the Wall"
2. Bangladesh - "Adidas"
3. DJ Class - "I'm the Shit"
4. Big Freedia - "Get Back"
5. Mullyman [ft. Jerrod] - "Luh You Here" [prod. by DJ Boo Man]
6. Swizz Beatz [ft. Fat Man Scoop] - "Get Loose"
7. Fashawn - "Jimmy (Ratatat Remix)"
8. Jim Jones - "Scarz"

In completely unrelated news, my former pseudo-boss and current Resident Advisor editor Todd Burns heard my cries about RA's Top 100 DJs of 2008 poll and created DJ pages for Ayres, XXXChange, The Hood Internet, Cousin Cole, Emynd and, of course, Girl Talk.

This is potentially good news for next year's list. RA tends to be stuck on techno, dubstep and other dance music genres rarely covered by AiMT (and there's nothing wrong with that), but it sure would be nice to see them branch out a bit here and there. Hopefully they'll continue to broaden their DJ listings in '09. You can visit the Suggest a DJ form if you think there are any they've missed. Yours truly even nerded out and got an RA DJ page. Look at your boy shinin':

That's all I got. 'Til '09, y'all!

(P.S. This post is why I never out-of-town blog.)

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