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Paper Route Gangstaz [ft. Blaqstarr] - "Stuntastic"

Sadly, the entire summer has nearly come and gone, and we still haven't heard the would-have-been mixtape of the summer, Fear and Loathing in Hunts Vegas, the long-awaited and much-blogged-about collaboration between Diplo, Benzi, and Huntsville, Ala. collective PRGz. We've heard a hearty handful of teaser tracks, as well as a mixtape sampler, but no actual mixtape.

The PRGz MySpace still spouts that the mixtape is "commin April." If it's already four months overdue, can we even expect it at all at this point? Is it doomed to be the Chinese Democracy or Detox of the mixtape world?

Every now and then, we'll get another teaser track, thus reviving our hopes that we'll someday hear the completed mixtape itself. Here's more of where that came from.

"Stuntastic" features Mr. Jhi-Ali (pictured above) and Mad Decent alum Blaqstarr (and perhaps one more Paper Route clique member—we're not really sure). It harnesses the same brand of arena rave samples we've come to expect out of the collective. This time around, the source material just so happens to be "Born Slippy":

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