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A+B: The Ants in My Trance Mash-Ups Compendium, Vol. 1

This has been a long time coming. A+B is a Luminfire mash-up anthology of sorts. The plan is to release a new "volume" each week. Each volume will consist of six or more tracks, and you'll be able to download the volumes as individual tracks or as zip files. When it's all said and done, there should be seven volumes in all (or eight, depending on how much I scrape from the bottom of the barrel).

To make a long story short, I have been harboring my mash-ups for over three years, and I figured it was high time I got them out into the world before they erode on my hard disks. Some of these mash-ups have been made available before on the web. Some have gotten radio play. Some I've played in DJ sets. But for the most part, this particular stash has never seen the light of day.

The concept behind the title involves my own process when it comes to making these mash-ups. I habitually make them in the most simplistic way possible: putting an acapella source (A) atop an often stylistically opposite instrumental source (B). This usually involves a nominal amount of audio editing to make the sources more compatible or, as I like to say, to make the Legos click.

These mash-ups are usually intended to be nothing more than DJ tools. They're neither meant for deep headphone listening nor to be appreciated for any sort of production wizardry. The challenge in making them doesn't stem from rigorous production—it comes from the patience involved in successfully pairing two sources in terms of key-matching, tempo-matching and general compatibility. Sometimes I succeed in the process of pairing A and B—other times I fail miserably. You'll get to hear examples of both.

This is definitely a quantity-over-quality endeavor. There are several mash-ups in this master stash of which I'm genuinely proud, and there are some that I have no love for at all. I'll let you be the judge. My hope is that you'll find a handful you like.

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Missy Elliott – "Lose Control (Gerd Blend by Luminfire)" [Direct — Left Click Only] NSFW
• Vocal Source: Missy Elliott – "Lose Control"
• Instrumental Source: Shirley Lites – "Heat You Up (Melt You Down) (Gerd 4Lux Edit)"

Ce Ce Peniston – "Finally (M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade Mash Edit by Luminfire)" [Direct — Left Click Only]extended version available upon request
• Vocal Source: Ce Ce Peniston – "Finally"
• Instrumental Source: M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade – "Body Language"

Nelly Furtado [ft. Timbaland] – "Promiscuous (Heil Inst. Mash by Luminfire)" [Direct — Left Click Only]
• Source 1: Nelly Furtado [ft. Timbaland] – "Promiscuous"
• Source 2: Johannes Heil – "Freaks R Us"

Mike Jones [ft. Hurricane Chris] – "Drop and Gimme 50 (David E. Sugar A+B by Luminfire)" [Direct — Left Click Only] NSFW
• Vocal Source: Mike Jones [ft. Hurricane Chris] – "Drop and Gimme 50"
• Instrumental Source: David E. Sugar – "The Big H"

Spank Rock – "Rick Rubin (Lester Mendez A+B by Luminfire)" [Direct — Left Click Only] NSFW
• Vocal Source: Spank Rock – "Rick Rubin"
• Instrumental Source: Jessica Simpson – "A Public Affair" [prod. by Lester Mendez]

Kevin Federline – "Poporubin (Spank Rock A+B by Luminfire)" [Direct — Left Click Only] NSFW
• Vocal Source: Kevin Federline - "Popozão"
• Instrumental Source: Spank Rock - "Rick Rubin"

Download all six tracks in a zip.