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King Sisters [ft. Pase Rock] – "Koori Girls" [prod. by Devlin & Ghostdad]

UPDATE: This track is actually produced by Devlin & Ghostdad (not Chris Rockswell).

We're in a weird mood today. For once, we're not just giving a track away. Instead, we're giving you encouragement to go cop the new Heaps Decent release off iTunes. Trust us—it bumps! And it only costs a measly two of your tattered American dollars.

For those not in the know, Heaps Decent is striving to become "an artist development program for young indigenous and underprivileged musicians" in Australia. They're associated with Mad Decent. This particular track is produced by Chris Rockswell of Spank Rock, and Pase Rock steps up to the mic to deliver some whispered "crank dat" chants.

If you heard the first Heaps release, the excellent Diplo-produced "Smash a Kangaroo," you'll know what to expect here: more adorable Aboriginal youth raps.

Bonus Video: King Sisters wilin' out