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Bangladesh [ft. Don Cannon & Tom Foolery] - "Close Up" [DJ]

Bangladesh aka Shondrae Crawford

If you haven't already happened upon the new Shondrae Crawford (aka Bangladesh) mixtape, Passport Music, please do so now. Shondrae has been racking up major-league production credits since 2000, most notably "A Milli," "Diva" and the AiMT fave "Beam Me Up," but only within the past few months has he begun to wear his artist hat. Passport Music cements him as such: an artist (i.e., he raps and sings).

Hosted by the unendingly annoying Don Cannon, Passport Music showcases Shondrae's latest productions, vocal output and a few of his protégés. "Close Up" is the lead-off track, and for cryin' out loud, it samples Europe's "The Final Countdown."

Download [Direct]

It's going to be funny when Bangladesh has more Google muscle than the Southeast Asian country of the same name.

BONUS VIDEO: Europe - "The Final Countdown"

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Reader Comments (4)

I dig it for the Europe sample.

January 21, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterginkster

It's about time someone sampled it. Hopefully a no-DJ version will surface sooner or later.

January 26, 2009 | Registered CommenterBaby Armie
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