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Diplo Is Livetwitting the Grammys

This is one of those only-relevant-if-you-happen-to-see-it-immediately-after-it's-posted posts. I try to avoid those, but this time I couldn't resist. If you aren't already following Diplo on Twitter, please do so now. Thanks to a few "Paper Planes" nods from The Recording Academy, Diplo is at the Grammys liveblogging, and it's a lolcano.

He's dropping a new Twit every few minutes. I don't even know what the guy is talking about half the time because I'm not watching the Grammys (don't worry—I'm "taping" them), but I assume that's making it that much more entertaining. Here are a few of his Grammy Twit gems (and these are just within the last hour):

"I'm gonna Fuk around and drive home in that giant strawberry"

"They about to droP katey perry from the sky ina. Banana"

"Jonas broz go home"

"I call Lipsync"

"How tha fuk did cottonmouth kings get to sit in front of me?"

"Kid rok wuttuP! Rock us right now dooood sweet home alabama!!!"

"Sheryl crow wuttup"

"Some lil asian girl took swiths seat!!"

"Reakwon wuttup"

Giant strawberry? Katy Perry in a banana? This year's Grammys sounds kinda tight. Seriously though, either TMZ or E! needs to snatch dude up quick. Anyway, congrats to Diplo, and, as he put in a Facebook status update earlier today, here's hoping he wins a "lil' moonman or whatever they got."

BONUS: This video is rilly something:

• Super Cool DJ Kazu - "Sushi Chop (aka Bounce on That Yoshi)" [prod. by Diplo]
• Drake [ft. Santogold & Lil' Wayne] - "Unstoppable (Remix)" [prod. by Diplo]

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