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Lukas Nystrand and The Ageema Blues - "Knivar"

Lukas Nystrand

This smoothed-out disco number comes from Swedish producer Lukas Nystrand, who is a true veteran of electronic music, but not in the conventional 12-inches and synthesizers sense. (Here's where I get to flex my nerd lats a bit.)

Nystrand, who was once better known as Mortimer Twang, got his start in the early '90s via the Amiga demoscene. (I could spend an entire week explaining the demoscene, but I think I'd rather link you to its Wikipedia entry.) He was making tracks primarily in the four-channel MOD file format, and rarely would a single track be larger than just a few kilobytes. In other words, his song files could sometimes be 1,000 times smaller than your standard MP3. So naturally, his music was available on the internet years before MP3s became commonplace. You can download a zip of Nystrand's entire MOD archive (310 songs) and read more about his demoscene glory days over at MOD Soul Brother.

Back in my junior high and high school years, I got pretty caught up in the demoscene myself. Some nerds cut their teeth on D&D and Magic: The Gathering, but the demoscene was my romping ground for a period of time. So it's especially nice to see a hazy visitant from those days pop up in the present with a flashy disco track and a spot on a buzz-worthy comp (Lo Recordings' Milky Disco 2):

Download [Direct]

Not surprisingly, Nystrand's current sound has little to do with the chip, breakbeat, and jazzy house MODs he peddled back in the day. But, like someone else I know, Nystrand has kept the same recording alias he used back in his demoscene days. (Okay, so I'm pretty sure Lukas Nystrand is his birth name, but he's used Ageema Blues for quite a few years too.)

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