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Luminfire - Sequin Ambrosia, Vol. 3

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(EPIC "COVER ART" FAIL. I was in a hurry. We'll go harder next time.)

Here's one for the vaults. I actually finished this set at the tail end of '08. My original plans were for it to be a three-hour disco history lesson of sorts, but it never came into full fruition. Turns out this hour-long rough draft works pretty well on its own, so I figured I'd throw it up to help pump the Cool Shoes party this Friday in Little Rock. I'll be spinning along with Casey S. and Wolf-E-Wolf. Click to RSVP or scroll down past the jump for more details.

This will be my first time at Cool Shoes—apparently these parties are really taking over Central Arkansas, and some of them have had over 1,000 450 attendees. (UPDATE: Just got a heads up from Cool Shoes crony Risky Biz, who put me up on the correct head count. Still pretty impressive, no?) A head count like that has been more or less unheard of for something like this in the state. I'm looking forward to seeing how hard the Rock goes. Anyway, check out this set, and if you happened to be in Central Arkansas on Friday, hopefully I'll see you at Cool Shoes.

00:00: Intro
• Instrumental Source: Jonas Reinhardt - "Lyre of David"
00:55: Rihanna - "Disturbia (Fan Death & Erol A+B by Luminfire)" [Direct Download]
• Vocal Source: Rihanna - "Disturbia"
• Instrumental Source: Fan Death - "Veronica's Veil (Erol Alkan's Rework)"
06:17: Double Vision - "Clock on the Wall"
10:36: Wild Rumpus [ft. Beardyman] - "Rock the Joint (Reverso 68 Remix)"
13:06: M.D.M.C. [ft. Karin Klare & Margie Davies] - "How About It"
18:07: Stratus - "Footprints"
21:15: Freeez - "Pop Goes My Love"
24:51: Mr. T - "The One and Only Mr. T"
25:58: Katy Perry - "I Kissed a Girl (Wikström/Julius A+B by
Luminfire)" [Direct Download]

• Vocal Source: Katy Perry - "I Kissed a Girl"
• Instrumental Source: Erik Wikström - "Autonight (Julius Remix)"
30:11: Glass Candy - "Stars & Houses"
33:57: Ganymed - "We Like You (The Way You Like Us)"
39:54: Hatchback - "White Diamond"
42:37: Nite Jewel - "What Did He Say"
45:46: D'Bora - "No Sense (Spyder-D Party Mix)"
50:05: The Golden Filter - "Moonlight Fantasy"
53:46: Mary Jane Girls - "All Night Long"

Download Sequin Ambrosia, Vol. 3 [zShare]

P.S. The first two Sequin Ambrosias were house sets from my Stylus years. Perhaps I'll repost them if there's enough demand.

Luminfire - Farewell, Clone
Pase Rock – "So Fucking Disco (Luminfire's Coast to Coast AM Reptoid Blend)"
Luminfire - Somewhere in Aspen

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