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Joker - "Psychedelic Runway"


Aside from mainstays like Dizzee, Sov and Tinchy (who have unanimously opted for a much poppier sound recently), vocal-based grime seems to be falling off the rader. And while grime MCs continue to mutate into dance-pop phenomena, producers like Rustie, Plastician and Joker are inheriting the thrown as the genre's leading new faces.

They seem to be closing the already-narrow gap between grime and dubstep. (Then again, my ears aren't especially seasoned in either genre, so I'm sure there's room for disagreement there—feel free to flame accordingly in the comments section below.)

"Psychedelic Runway" is the B-side from Joker's latest single:

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Buy Joker's new EP, Do It, off Amazon, eMusic .

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