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Anthonio Answers to Annie


Annie's Richard X-produced "Anthonio," which—attention bloggers—is actually spelled with an "h," is an essential pop tale of a steamy and memorable one-night stand that results in pregnancy. If you've spent much time with the track or any of its oh-so-solid remixes, you'll know that it's conceptually leagues ahead of the vast majority of pop songs floating around the blogosphere as of late. And that conceptualization just got even heavier because Anthonio Mendes, Annie's fictitious hunky one-night suitor, has given his own account entitled—you guessed it—"Annie."

Anthonio - "Annie" [zShare]

It's pretty good even if it doesn't quite hold up to Annie's "Anthonio." (I guess Anthonio is the sleaze in this equation, so it's only fitting that he have the lesser track.) According to Manric's Blogg, London-based duo Heartbreak are the ones behind the Anthonio project. The single, which is released on Annie's label, Pleasure Masters, features a B-side with Annie herself.

This is some really genius marketing in action. They've even gone as far as to create Anthonio his own MySpace account. On his wall, Annie posted the following comment:

Oh Anthonio....my anthonio!!Haven..t heard from you lately....wrote you some letters.What are you up too?
Miss you so much,we had so great time.....

warm love....a

I'm hoping we'll see a pair of music videos to juice up this controversy.

Buy Anthonio's Annie EP off eMusic.

Buy Annie's Anthonio EP off eMusic.

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