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Sunday Girl - "Four Floors" (Video + Diplo Remix)

Sunday Girl
Sunday Girl has a mere seven comments on her MySpace and under 800 plays. Yet somehow she's already commissioned remixes from Diplo and Russ Chimes along with an oh-so-posh video directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock. Of course, that may say more about MySpace's decline than Sunday Girl's popularity, but in any case, she's clearly another one of these out-of-nowhere off-center British bubblegum pop types (e.g., Ellie Goulding, Florrie). Give her seven months, and she'll be climbing the BBC singles chart.

Diplo turns out a terrific dubstep-leaning remix here. (That's right—Diplo, as well as every other producer on the planet, is making at least some dubstep these days.)

Click through to stream


The "Four Floors" single is slated to drop March 28.

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