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Florrie - "Call 911 (His Majesty Andre Call Me Instead Remix)"

Florriephoto by Paul Scala
La Roux debuted via a "Quicksand" remixes EP on Kitsuné back in late '08. Now look at them. "Bulletproof" is getting played hourly on just about every Podunk Top 40 station across the states, and it's still floating around the Billboard top 15 alongside Ke$ha and Katy Perry. The duo is getting serious stateside exposure, including a performance on Good Morning America. Pretty soon they'll be opening for (or even co-headlining with) Gaga and making further rounds on the talk show circuit.

Florrie is poised to be another potential UK pop sensation, perhaps the next link the La Roux/Ellie Goulding chain. Her debut single, "Call 911," (which is also a remix EP and also on French label Kitsuné) dropped today. Her sound is actually more accessible than La Roux—she even lowers herself to some Ke$ha-esque rapping—and her (seemingly) high budget could easily spell eventual crossover success.

But for now, her team seems content on breaking her as an underground pop darling by commissioning remix artists like His Majesty Andre, who turned out this minimal filter-house-leaning version:

Click through to stream


Cop the "Call 911" remixes EP: Amazon ($3.96), iTunes ($3.96).

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