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Skream [ft. La Roux] - "Finally"

La Roux

Feeling this not-quite-dubstep collab between Skream and Elly Jackson. Actually it's technically full-on dubstep, but it's much closer to the more subdued, cerebral strain popularized by Hyperdub than the wobble-rific thuds of Rusko or 12th Planet. (But make no mistake—Skream can wobble with the best of them.)

In any case, this is a grade-A collab. Elly turns out a stunning vocal performance. She's obviously come a long way in harnessing her voice since the La Roux sessions back in 2008. And Skream's track is perfectly bleak and apocalyptic. Maybe I'm jumping the gun, but I'll go ahead and say that this is the best collab of its nature since "Teardrop."



Skream's Outside the Box is out in early August.

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