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Sleek - Summer 2010 Mix

This summer has seen dubstep spread like poison ivy throughout the state. Central Arkansas has had a strong scene for some time now, but Fayetteville and NWA are beginning to creep into the picture in a big way. From the bass-heavy tents at festivals like Wakarusa, Soulstice, and this weekend's Pronoia to the launch of KXUA's weekly dubstep show, Midrange Optional, to huge nights at Fix with 12th Planet and local Aerosault DJ Domewrekka to countless emerging regional DJs and parties, it's actually getting tough to keep track of it all. (Keep an eye on the NWA Dubstep Facebook page to keep your finger on the pulse.)

Beyond that, West Memphis also has a blossoming scene (and I'll go ahead and assume that Tulsa and Southern Missouri do too, although my connects aren't very deep out there). So all in all, dubstep has become a huge force in the state and in the region at large. I'll be spotlighting some local stuff very soon, but until then, let's shift our focus back to the OGs down in Central Arkansas.

Little Rock-based Cool Shoes homie DJ Shawn Lee has been busy gigging and honing his production skills lately, but he made some time to lay down this solid summer mix showcasing the jarring, aggressive dubstep for which he's known. He even threw a couple of his original numbers into the pot. Catch Sleek alongside myself, Wolf-E-Wolf and Domewrekka on September 10 at Speakeasy. I'll be hitting you up with more info on that really soon.

1. Medison ft. Skrein – Harry (Bare Noize Remix)
2. Bassnectar – Bass Head (SPL Remix)
3. Sidney Samspon ft. Lady Bee – Shut Up and Let It Go (Bar 9 Remix)
4. Downlink – Containment Failure
5. Datsik – Mechano
6. Caspa – Terminator (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
7. Distance – Traffic
8. Bar 9 - 1983
9. Bar 9 – Piano Tune
10. Sleek – Forbidden
11. NumberNin6 – Ribs
12. Subscape – Hardcore Members
13. Breakage – Higher
14. Sleek – Death Row
15. Jakes – Warface 2010 VIP
16. DJ Sneak – Southern Boy (12th Planet and Flinch Remix)
17. B. Shackles – Serial Killa
18. Mensah & Eddie K – Steady As She Goes
19. Emalkay – Solid State
20. 501 – Beast Within
21. Synkro – Music Makers (Bar 9 Remix)
22. The Nasha Experience – Matix
23. Sukh Knight – Knightlife
24. Dreadzone – Gangster (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
25. Zero G – Go
26. Ruckus and Roke - Soliqual
27. Jakes – Rock the Bells VIP
28. Laid Blak – Red (Chasing Shadows Remix)
29. Nero – End of the World
30. Blame ft. Ruff Squad – On My Own (Drumsound and Bassline Smith Dub)
31. Ronald Jenkees – Stay Crunchy (Wolf-E-Wolf Remix)

Reader Comments (2)

Thanks for the shoutout as well as this killer mix!
I do believe that NWA needs to hear this on Saturday.

July 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRegolith
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