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Fishr Pryce at Fix tomorrow night

Fishr Prycephoto by Michael Spear Hawkins
The good people at Fix Ultra Lounge welcome another world-class DJ this week for their Wednesday weekly—this time it's Fishr Pryce hailing from Dallas, Texas. If you take a minute to skim Fishr's blog, you'll find that he's a highly eclectic party rocker with a slight lean toward rap and funk, and his monthly mixes make it known that he's clearly equipped to play to just about any crowd.

In other words, we're in good hands tomorrow night. RSVP here, and now I'll shut up and let the music do the talking. Check this slapstick American-pride-themed mix:

Fisher Pryce - Cold War Defense System

1. Living in America – James Brown (It was good enough for Apollo its good enough to start my Mix)
2. Eye of The Tiger (Roctakon Edit) – Survivor
3. Ain’t That America – John Cougar Mellencamp
4. American Boy – Estelle
5. Deep in the Heart of TX (Fishr Edit) – Moe Bandy (I’m from TX and TX is America Dammit. Where else do they protect the border with Gus and Shit?)
6. Born in the USA (discotech edit) – The Boss
7. One Vision – Queen (Yea Yea I know Queen was English, but after much research me and AddielG found out that Freddy Mercury died wanting to be a US citizen. Why else do you think he did so much on the Iron Eagle Soundtrack?
8. Keep on Rocking me Baby – Steve Miller
9. Old Fashion Rock n Roll – Bob Seger
10. No Easy Way Out – Rob Tepper (Rocky IV need I say more?)
11. I am a Real American – Rick Derringer (Mother Fucking Hulk Hogan’s Theme Music!!!!)
12. Road of a Gypsy – Adrenlin (Another classic off of Iron Eagle)
13. America – Verse Simmonds (curve ball hip hop track with a perfect hook)
14. We’re Coming to America – Neil Diamon
15. Separate Way – Journey (anytime I hear this song I want to grab the day by the ass and fuck it. What’s more American than that?)
16. Bad Street – Michael P S Hayes (this was the entrance music to one of the illest bad dudes of wrestling ever)
17. Hearts of Fire – John Cafferty (Click here for explination)
18. Great American Nightmare – Rob Zombie ft. Howard Stern
19. Centerfield – John Fogerty (What says America like Baseball?)
20. I Wanna Rock n Roll – Kiss
21. Heart of Rock n Roll – Huey Lewis
22. Highway to the Dangerzone – Kenny Loggins
23. Rocking in the USA – John Cougar Mellencamp
24. American Saturday Night – Brad Paisley
25. American Woman – Lenny Kravitz
26. Team America – America FUCK YEA!

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