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New 607 album: YIK3LIF3!

photo by Quinten Daniel
While I've been busy not blogging, Little Rock's own 607 has found time to drop his 38th album and continue his reign over the Arkansas hip-hop circuit. Back in May, he gave the scene quite a scare with a statement which seemed to announce his immediate retirement. He later clarified by saying that he was only taking some time off to organize, not retiring.

Lucky for us, the wait is over and YIK3LIF3! The Lord and the Duchess is now available. It's 19 tracks strong, and Lord Six was kind enough to set it as a "name your price" endeavor on his Bandcamp. Once you spend some time with it, you can understand why he chose to take a timeout to strategize on how to package this new material. It's probably his most accomplished work to date, both artistically and in terms of commercial appeal. And per usual, there's plenty of variety to appeal to a large listener base. (Expect to hear radio-ready country rap, money-making anthems, even a Boards of Canada flip as you can hear below.)

"Puppy Breath" — flip of Boards of Canada's "ROYGBIV":

Full album stream after the jump.

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