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Azealia Banks - "Fuck Up the Fun" prod. by Diplo

Azealia Banks with Cornell West | photo by Kate Perkins
AiMT has been a ghost town for two months, but the hiatus is ending now in a big way. The next post will be the debut of something BIG for this site, mainly because it will provide content on a regular basis in a format that will be a lot easier for me to stay on top of regularly and naturally.

While I'm putting the finishing touches on it, I thought I'd share some new heat by two of AiMT's all-time favs, Diplo and Azealia Banks. (By the way, if you didn't catch the video for Diplo's new single, "Express Yourself," please do so now.)

Here's a bonus, which I posted back in January, but the SOPA blackout kept us from getting our precious aggregated web love:

BONUS: Azealia Banks - "212 (607 Flip)":


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