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PREMIERE: Pepperboy's The Classics: Remastered EP

Little Rock's Pepperboy has given AiMT an exclusive sneak peak of his The Classics: Remastered EP. Over the past year, Pepperboy has been releasing a ton of new material and older archived material. If you've checked out any of the older stuff, you'll recognize at least a few of the six songs making up The Classics. The particular songs on this release date back to 2010, so the EP is not as comprehensively retrospective as its title implies. The Classics is more of a platform for Pepperboy to do some sonic housekeeping on his recent back catalog.

The songs hold up well and are more on the raw lo-fi tip compared to his newer recordings. If anything it's a good reminder of how Pep's sound and resources have expanded so much in just a few years time.

Listen below or visit Pep's Bandcamp page for a download.

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