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ANTS Podcast #012.5: Ambient Boards of Canada Rarities


On this Mixcloud-exclusive edition of ANTS, I've dug up 40 minutes worth of beatless ambient Boards of Canada rarities ripped largely from cassette and vinyl. Hopefully this will quench your thirst until Tomorrow's Harvest drops next week. It is well known by enthusiasts that there's a plethora of early and unreleased BoC material floating around the P2P universe. I thought it would be fun to compile some of the beatless material into one listen. This took quite a bit of fact checking because there are many fakes and mislabeled releases out there. But I am confident that this playlist is free of errors.

This mix is not endorsed by Boards of Canada or any affiliated entities, and it is most certainly NOT an official Boards of Canada release. It's simply a tribute to one of my favorite duos. My hope is that this material will be released commercially sooner or later. If and when it that happens, I encourage ANTS listeners to support it by purchasing physical copies. If any entities affiliated with Boards of Canada wish this mix to be taken down, just say so.

  1. "Alpha Rainbow"
  2. "Nova Scotia Robots"
  3. "Breaking Nehushtan"
  4. "Kiteracer 2"
  5. "North Sea Arbeit"
  6. "Magic Teens"
  7. "5.8.78" (Excerpt)
  8. "Carcan"
  9. "We've Started Up" (Excerpt)
  10. "Up the March Bank"
  11. "Powerline Misfortune"
  12. "I Will Get It Tattooed"
  13. "Soylent Night"
  14. "Hiscores"
  15. "Northern Plastics"
  16. "Davie Addison"
  17. "Boquarant"
  18. "M9"
  19. "Statue of Liberty"
  20. "Fly in the Pool"
  21. "Mushyz"
  22. "XYZ" (Excerpt)
  23. "Sac"
  24. "Finity" (Excerpt)
  25. "Original Nlogax"
  26. "Dreaming of Turkey and Ham"

Reader Comments (1)

Final track isn't by the brothers, it's a parody made by V/Vm under the guise Bored In Columbia
May 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commenternovayshun

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