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ANTS Podcast #013: Proto-Ambient — Atmospheric Electronic Pieces, 1955-1976

The term "ambient music" was coined by Brian Eno in the mid-1970s, and he is largely credited as the genre's founder. However, academics, studio engineers, and a few well-off counterculturalists were using electronics to aid in making music that could functionally be identified as "ambient" decades before the word was thrown around. This playlist highlights such efforts. I chose to use the term "proto-ambient" to describe this music, but really plain ol' "ambient" works just as well in most cases.

Also, just a quick aside to my listeners who may be yearning for more beat-driven dance music sets. I'm just having fun with something different at the moment. This podcast is meant to be eclectic, even though I tend to stay tethered to dance music. Rest assured—the beats will come back.

  1. Raymond Scott - "Little Miss Echo" (1964)
  2. Kid Baltan - "Night Train Blues" (19??)
  3. Terry Riley - "A Rainbow in Curved Air" (1969)
  4. Jon Appleton - "Hommage to Orpheus" (1969)
  5. Attilio Mineo - "Boeing Spacearium" (1962)
  6. Hugh Le Caine - "Dripsody" (1955)
  7. Vaclav Nelhybel - "Interplanetary Journey" (1959)
  8. Suzanne Ciani - "Paris 1971" (19??)
  9. Charlemagne Palestine - "Opening-Closing" (1968)
  10. Russell Pinkston - "Emergence" (1976)
  11. Tangerine Dream - "Sunrise in the Third System" (1973)
  12. Tom Dissevelt - "Waltzing Mathilda" (19??)
  13. Daphne Oram & Desmond Briscoe - "The Ocean (Main Theme)" (1958)
  14. Douglas Leedy - "Silent Night" (1971)
  15. Louis and Bebe Barron - "Robby, Make Me a Gown" (1956)
  16. Vangelis - "La Mer Recommencee" (1970)
  17. Jean-Michel Jarre - "Deserted Palace" (1972)
  18. J.D. Robb - "Excerpt from Spatial Serenade" (1970)

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