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LUSTRUM: Best Ambient, 2010-2014 (5-Hour Mix)

Peace to Keith Kawaii for the artwork
lus·trum (/ˈləstrəm/) : a period of five years.

There's been plenty of talk of an ambient revival in 2014. But to be fair, ambient has been thriving throughout the 2010s thus far, and it seems to strengthen in both quantity and quality with each passing year. To celebrate its fruitful resurgence, I've pieced together LUSTRUM, a five-hour mix highlighting some of the best ambient released within the past five years that I've come across. Each year gets exactly one hour. Below you can follow along with what is playing via time stamps.

If you want a download link, head over to SoundCloud and give the mix a repost. Then I'll message you a download link.

0:00:00   Triola - "Schildergasse" [Kompakt]
0:05:26   Higuma - "Hathor's Dance [Digitalis Recordings]
0:11:33   Oneohtrix Point Never - "Where Does Time Go" [Editions Mego]
0:16:56   High Wolf - "Cloud Head" [Not Not Fun]
0:22:37   Emeralds - "The Cycle of Abuse" [Editions Mego]
0:26:46   Mickey Rourke Rourke ft. Candy Cults - "Top Girls" [Sweat Lodge Guru]
0:31:27   Arp - "Grapefruit" [Smalltown Supersound]
0:37:17   Stellar OM Source - "Rites of Fusion" [Olde English Spelling Bee]
0:41:11   Marcus Fischer - "Monocoastal (Part 1)" [12k]
0:47:12   Dolphins Into the Future - "Ko'okika Moku'aina" [(K-RAA-K)³]
0:54:46   Demdike Stare - "Voices of Dust" [Modern Love]

1:00:00   Jacaszek - "Windhover" [Ghostly International]
1:04:56   Jürgen Müller - "Beyond the Tide" [Digitalis Recordings]
1:09:56   Biosphere - "Joyo" [Touch]
1:14:47   Deaf Center - "New Beginning (Tidal Darkness)" [Type]
1:20:17   Borden, Ferraro, Godin, Halo & Lopatin - "Just a Little Pollution" [RVNG Intl.]
1:25:03   The Caretaker - "All You Are Going to Want to Do Is Get Back There" [History Always Favours the Winners]
1:28:16   Natural Snow Buildings - "The Waves of the Random Sea" [Blackest Rainbow]
1:35:51   Blues Control & Laraaji - "Freeflow" [RVNG Intl.]
1:42:03   Grouper - "Moon Is Sharp" [Yellowelectric]
1:48:04   Julianna Barwick - "Envelop" [Asthmatic Kitty Records]
1:52:46   Leyland Kirby - "No Longer Distance Than Death" [History Always Favours the Winners]
1:57:19   Motion Sickness of Time Travel - "Late Day Sun Silhouettes" [Digitalis Recordings]

2:00:00   Evan Caminiti - "Fading Dawn" [Thrill Jockey]
2:03:49   Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin - "Ritual for Consumption" [The Software Label]
2:07:54   Sand Circles - "Motor City II" [Not Not Fun]
2:10:29   Motion Sickness of Time Travel - "The Dream" [Spectrum Spools]
2:16:24   Golden Retriever - "Winter Light" [Thrill Jockey]
2:24:44   d'Eon - "#75" [S/R]
2:29:33   Atom™ - "Voralpenthema I" [Raster-Norton]
2:32:21   Christopher Willits & Ryuichi Sakamoto - "I Don't Want to Understand" [Ghostly International]
2:38:34   Marcus Fischer - "A Fifth Season" [Air Texture]
2:43:59   Brian Eno - "LUX 3" [Warp Records]
2:48:28   Magazine - "The Visitor's Bureau (Magazine Edit)" [Kompakt]
2:55:20   Kyle Bobby Dunn - "The Trouble With Trés Belles" [Low-Point]

3:00:00   Donato Dozzy - "Vaporwave 01" [Spectrum Spools]
3:05:04   E-Rock - "Winding Passage" [Audio Dregs]
3:09:21   Steve Moore - "Endless Caverns" [Spectrum Spools]
3:14:47   Compound Eye - "Open Interval 1" [Editions Mego]
3:18:28   Jan St. Werner - "Sipian Organ" [Thrill Jockey]
3:23:07   Lustmord - "Babel" [Vaultworks]
3:28:57   Mountains - "Living Lens" [Thrill Jockey]
3:33:22   Huerco S. - "Struck With Deer Lungs" [The Software Label]
3:35:14   Julianna Barwick - "The Harbinger" [Dead Oceans]
3:40:03   Boards of Canada - "Telepath" [Warp Records]
3:41:29   A Winged Victory for the Sullen - "Ti Prego Memory Man" [Ghostly International]
3:45:20   Deadbeat - "Laura Solaris" [Air Texture]
3:49:33   Raum - "In Stellar Orbit" [Yellowelectric]
3:53:11   Lee Noble - "Demon Pond" [Bathetic Records]

4:00:00   M. Geddes Gengras - "Ishi" [Leaving Records]
4:05:51   Sevendeaths - "Ghostache" [LuckyMe]
4:10:37   Magic Eye - "Bollywood" [Not Not Fun]
4:13:43   Vladislav Delay - "Viimeinen" [Ripatti Label]
4:17:16   Le Révélateur - "Fiber Miles Away" [Root Strata]
4:21:55   The Field - "No. No... (Tim Hecker Mix)" [Kompakt]
4:27:54   Legowelt - "Vanished in Tromso" [Air Texture]
4:32:37   Golden Retriever - "Sharp Stones" [Thrill Jockey]
4:39:09   Ernest Gibson - "Cradle Song" [Crash Symbols]
4:42:31   Jonas Reinhardt - "Skeptical Seventh Sun" [Constellation Tatsu]
4:45:47   Klara Lewis - "Shine" [Editions Mego]
4:50:26   Vleese - "Substance A2" [Twin Springs Tapes]
4:54:58   DSR Lines - "Gamut" [SicSic Tapes]

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