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ANTS Podcast #024: Early Plaid Rarities

Ed Handley and Andy Turner were founding members of Black Dog Productions and helped pioneer IDM in the early '90s through their various solo and group projects. The pair has worked under many aliases over the years, but Plaid is clearly their venture of choice, since—unlike the others—it has remained active since the mid '90s with a steady release schedule. Plaid will drop Reachy Prints, their first proper album in over two years, on April 18.

With this episode of ANTS, I decided to spotlight some of Ed and Andy's early solo material as well as their rarer Plaid work. Many of these selections have never been released digitally.

  1. Repeat - "Lilt-A" [A13, 1995]
  2. Plaid - "Android" [Clear, 1995] ✿
  3. Plaid - "Eph (Peel Session)" [Warp, 1999]
  4. Balil - "Rosery Pilots" [Rising High, 1993]
  5. Atypic - "Pillars & Mirrors" [Rising High, 1992]
  6. Balil - "Nort Route (R&S Remix)" [R&S, 1992]
  7. Eco Tourist - "Magelonic" [Ifach, 1994]
  8. Plaid - "Orange Sky" [Rumble, 1994]
  9. Tura - "Letter" [A13, 1994] ✿

Tracks denoted with "✿" are available on Plaid's early works compilation, Trainer, which was released on Warp Records in 2000. Check that comp for many more early Plaid tunes.

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