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Best Dance Songs of 2014 (First Half)

AiMT has been around for seven years now, and 2014 has been by far the busiest year. Twelve podcasts were posted as well as a whopping 107 dance songs. Click through for the 30 dance tunes that have stood out amongst the rest for me so far this year. Many of these have already been posted, and others were reported in my monthly chart.

And here's a playlist of 16 of the 30 entries for easy consumption:

Stay tuned for more 2014 features in the coming weeks.

Click the cover thumbnail next to each entry for individual streams.

30. John Wizards - "Muizenberg (The 2 Bears Remix)" [Planet Mu]

29. DyE ft. The Egyptian Lover - "She's Bad" [Tigersushi]

28. L-Vis 1990 Presents Dance System - "Flash Drive" [Jack for Daze]

27. Thug Entrancer - "Death After Life I (The Range Remix)" [Software]

26. Pulse 8 - "Radio Morocco (Acid Arab Reedit)" [S/R]

25. Hackman - "Lost From Me" [Futureboogie]

24. DJ Koze ft. Rahel - "Magical Boy (Matthew Herbert's 'Not 'til It Stops' Mix)" [Pampa]

23. Ter(r)a - "Soil Transducer" [Crisis Urbana]

22. Crystal & Ikonika - "Dream Incubation" [Sound Pellegrino]

21. Fanastic Mr Fox - "Broke" [Black Acre]

20. Grenier Meets Archie Pelago - "Tower of Joined Hand" [Melodic]

19. Moon B - "Stank Tartare" [PPU]

18. DZA - "Macross Plus" [Activia Benz]

17. Shackleton - "Silver Keys" [Woe to the Septic Heart]

16. Protect-U - "Top Hat" [Future Times]

15. Banda Westfalica - "Tulum (Castro Remix)" [Man]

14. Henry Rodrick - "Rain & Tears" [Studio Barnus]

13. Holly Herndon - "Chorus" [RVNG Intl.]

12. Big Spider's Back - "Strawberry Circuit" [Hush Hush]

11. Dego & Kaidi - "Don't Remain the Same" [Eglo]

Marcus Worgull & Peter Pardeike - "Lenoix" [Innervisions]

Shamir - "I Know It's a Good Thing" [Godmode]

Auscultation - "Laces" [1080p]

Dark0 - "Chaos" [Lost Codes]

Grenier Meets Archie Pelago - "Microfiche Scanning" [Melodic]

Inkswel ft. Dave Aju - "No More Suckas (DJ Nature Remix)" [Burek]

A. G. Cook - "Beautiful" [PC Music]

Terrence Parker - "Open Up Your Spirit" [Planet E]

Shamir - "If It Wasn't True" [Godmode]

DJ Maboku - "Instrumental Pe" [Príncipe]

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