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Gentle Daps V: Guest Mix by Douglas Mcgowan

Douglas Mcgowan is an author, videographer, label owner, DJ, and new age music revivalist. He runs Yoga Records and Ethereal Sequence, and he curated the acclaimed compilation I Am the Center: Private Issue New Age Music in America, 1950-1990. That compilation is my favorite release of 2013, and in many ways it paved the way for projects like Gentle Daps to garner interest in 2014. So I'm elated to present Douglas as the first ever Gentle Daps guest contributor.

It's no secret that Douglas is a longtime collector of cassettes and vinyl, and for Gentle Daps V, he dug through his physical collection and digitized a handful of gems, some of which are impossibly rare.

Get acquainted with Douglas' many projects here.

  1. Nedelle Torrisi - "Can't Wait" [S/R, 2013]
  2. Vangelis - "La Mort du Loop" [Polydor, 1973]
  3. Don Slepian - "Imaginary Path" [Audion, 1987]
  4. Crystal - "Modulation del Sol" [Capstone, 1982]
  5. Cyrille Verdeaux & Bernard Xolotl - "Star Gulls" [Fortuna, 1981]
  6. Peter Davison - "Leaves Shimmering" [Higher Octave, 1986]
  7. Kool Music - "The Secret of the Ooze" [Arbutus, 2011]
  8. Agartha - "Emotional Sexual Balance" [Stillpoint, 19??]
  9. Woo - "Deep Within (Edit)" [Woo Collective, ????]

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