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From the Vaults #2: Sequin Ambrosia II (2005)

Sequin Ambrosia: House Music of the Ages was a series I started during my tenure as a staff writer for Stylus Magazine, which closed its doors in 2007. This particular entry from 2005 went heavy on the Berlin-centric minimal house or "microhouse" which was popular at that time.

  1. Murat Tepeli ft. Prosumer - "Rides" [Playhouse Records, 2005]
  2. George Demure - "New Confrontation" [Output Recordings, 2005]
  3. M&M - "Get Off Your Butt" [Trax Records, 1989]
  4. Out Hud - "It’s for You (Rub n' Tug’s Panarava Mix)" [Kranky, 2005]
  5. Adjuster vs. Tonka - "All Over Again (Tonka Mix)" [Disco Inc., 2005]
  6. Maurice - "This Is Acid (A New Dance Craze) (S&T Mix)" [Breakout, 1988]
  7. Michael Mayer & Matias Aguayo - "Slow (Kylie Minogue Cover)" [Kompakt, 2005]
  8. Kylie Minogue - "Giving You Up (Riton Re-Rub Vox)" [Parlophone Records, 2005]
  9. Salamandos - "Jack That Dick" [Bunker Records, 2005]
  10. Matias Aguayo - "Are You Really Lost" [Kompakt, 2005]
  11. Unai - "Oh You and I (Unai 12-Inch Mix)" [Disco Inc., 2005]
  12. Ray Charles - "I Got a Woman (Diplo Remix)" [S/R, 2005]

From the Vaults is an ANTS supplemental series spotlighting older mixes by Baby Armie and occasional guests.

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