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Stream 15 unreleased ambient Aphex Twin tunes, 1994-2014

Ryan from A Strangely Isolated Place has trudged through a recent SoundCloud flood of tunes purported to be unreleased Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin) tracks and cleverly compiled the above playlist of the more ambient-leaning numbers.

Most of these tracks are beat-oriented, and some are quite uptempo. They're definitely closer in theme to the ambient house of the first Selected Ambient Works rather than the more traditional ambient of SAW2. Of course, "ambient" means different things to different people, and only about two or three of the 15 songs fit my own classification of ambient, but it's still very cool to hear an LP's worth of newly available RDJ songs that are on the softer, more melodic tip. Thanks to Ryan for thinking to put this together.

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