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New Pepperboy album: Pottersfield

Little Rock-based cloud music hero Pepperboy is back with new material after a long layoff. (Eight months may not sound like a long layoff, but considering Pep's insanely active release schedule of recent years, it's quite a lengthy stretch). On first listen, Pottersfield sounds like the layoff has done him some good. Right away it is apparent that Pep has worked on flipping his inflections throughout these tracks. This adds some depth and range to his vocal arsenal. You can also hear the beefiness of the mixdowns, which are a noticeable upgrade from many of his more relaxed releases. Nice to hear that he's branching out and refining his sound for the better. Guests include previous collaborator Keyboard Kid, Greenova affiliates S.Ray and Squadda B, and fellow cloud rap mainstay Black Kray. Can't wait to spend more time with this one.

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