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Best Dance Songs: April 2015

  1. Slam Skillet - "Connective" [DIRTY//CLEAN]
  2. Photonz - "Basik" [Crème Organization]
  3. Jlin ft. Holly Herndon - "Expand" [Planet Mu]
  4. Nídia Minaj ft. DJ Olifox - "House Kaliente" [Príncipe Discos]
  5. Riley Lake - "Spliff Talk" [S/R]
  6. Holly Herndon - "Interference" [RVNG Intl.]
  7. Giant Claw - "Love Alive" [Activia Benz]
  8. Fort Romeau - "Cloche" [Ghostly International]
  9. Legowelt - "Evaporate 2 Infinity" [Technicolour]
  10. Infamous Boogieman - "No Shoes" [ASL Singles Club]
Baby Armie's dance charts are also available on Resident Advisor. Variations are available on Spotify and Beatport.

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