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Introducing the new AiMT record label...

I'm now nearly 10 years into music blogging and five years into music podcasting. I guess it was inevitable that I dabble with curating a label one of these days:


The launch release is by Balki Sagan, an ambient project of yours truly. It's one long, blissful lo-fi track. I've spent a lot of time with single-track albums lately and wanted to try my hand at it. You can score it for $1 on Bandcamp:

As far as future plans for the label, I'm keeping my options open to artist albums, compilations, physical releases, and charity releases. I'm excited to see where this goes!

Thanks to everyone who has supported AiMT over the years. This is a big step, and without the support and love I've gotten, I doubt I'd be daring enough to try this.

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