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Gentle Daps XXIV: Guest Mix by Deejay Greenman

Brighton-based Deejay Greenman caught my ear a few months ago with his excellent series of smooth AOR. I knew his knack for picking out wonderfully soft adult rock from the '60s, '70s, and '80s would make him a great fit for Gentle Daps. Lucky for us, he heard my call and put together this enchanting entry to the series. He's calling it Write Your Lucky Number.

Check out his own mix series for lots more of this vibe.

00:00: Melanie Safka - "Candles in the Rain" [Buddah Records, 1970]
01:49: Michael Deacon - "Wind River Children" [Mustard Seed, 1975]
05:47: Scott Fagan - "Crying" [ATCO Records, 1968]
10:02: Oliver - "Comfort Me" [Crewe Records, 1970]
13:36: William Truckaway - "Breakaway" [Reprise Records, 1971]
17:06: Darrell John - "Write Your Lucky Number" [Ram Records, 1979]
21:00: The Sunshine Company - "I Need You" [Liberty, 1968]
24:17: Gary Marks - "Sailing" [Arewea, 1974]
27:13: Paul Horn - "Guinnevere" [Epic, 1974]
30:22: Michael Murphey - "Rings of Life" [Epic, 1975]
33:40: Weekend - "Too Bad" [Good Time Records, 1975]
37:47: Jimmy Webb - "Skylark (A Meditation)" [Atlantic, 1977]
40:56: Spike - "You Can Do It" [Spike Records, 1983]
43:24: Alzo Fronte - "Some People" [Bell Records, 1972]
46:21: Marvin, Welch & Farrar - "Faithful" [Regal Zonophone, 1971]
48:38: Kathy Smith - "For Emile" [Stormy Forest, 1971]
52:19: Yves Simon - "Raconte Toi" [RCA Victor, 1976]
56:04: David Crosby - "Traction in the Rain" [Atlantic, 1971]

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