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Gentle Daps XXV: Guest Mix by Deejay Greenman

English soft rock aficionado Deejay Greenman has returned with his sequel to last month's Write Your Lucky Number (Gentle Daps XXIV). He picks up where he left of and offers up another hour of rare '70s-centric soft rock of the supremely hushed, mellow variety. These two mixes are treasures, and I am thrilled they are part of the Gentle Daps canon.

Check out his own mix series for lots more of this vibe.

00:00: Willis Alan Ramsey - "Muskrat Candlelight" [Shelter Records, 1972]
03:10: Richard Roundtree - "Sagittarian Lady" [MGM Records, 1972]
07:00: Michael Murphey - "Rye by-the-Sea" [Epic, 1974]
09:20: Tamalpais Exchange - "Never Ever Land" [Atlantic, 1970]
12:03: Randy Denison's Collage - "Lamenting Seasons" [Mega Records, 1970]
15:15: Don Cooper - "Hey Little Flower" [Roulette, 1969]
17:47: Free - "Mouthful of Grass" [Island Records, 1969]
20:51: Alan James Eastwood - "Lotus Child" [President Records, 1971]
24:17: David Crosby - "Orleans" [Atlantic, 1971]
25:57: Gordon Haskell - "Hambledon Hill" [Wilderness Records, 1990]
30:26: Jeff Eubank - "Seventeen Oon the Planet" [Dorothea Records, 1983]
35:23: Gordon Lightfoot - "Beautiful" [Reprise Records, 1975]
38:41: Cy Timmons - "Nowhere" [Erewhon, 1976]
48:10: Bobbie Gentry - "Hushabye Mountain" [Capitol Records, 1968]
50:55: Sparrow - "Dream Song" [Spark, 1971]
53:35: Heaven & Earth - "Refuge" [Ovation Records, 1973]
55:54: Black Sabbath - "Laguna Sunrise" [Vertigo, 1972]

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