Why DJ Eli Is Better Than You: "Footsteps (Watch Yourself Dub)"


NYC-based DJ Eli did this mix for the Philly band Hail Social. It's my favorite rock-turned-dance rehash I've heard in a minute. Eli has also been busy with Diplo—together they're known as the Boogie Down Bottle Nose Dolphins. Their first and only Hollertronix 12" dropped late last month. I haven't heard the 12 in its entirety yet, but the sample I did heard of their "Smooth Criminal" mix made me pee a little.

Hail Social – "Footsteps (Eli's Watch Yourself Dub)"


Iggy Pop


At Long Last: Junior Senior in the US


Make a wish, kids. The stars have aligned, and everyone's favorite gay/straight Jutlandic dance-pop duo has finally gotten US distribution for their 2005 sophomore effort, Hey Hey My My Yo Yo. If you haven't heard the album, you have spent the past two years in sad, ignorant self-deprivation. Luckily, the new deluxe edition contains the eight-track Say Hello, Wave Goodbye EP as a bonus disc, so it's a better time than ever to get acquainted with the album.

The 11 tracks that made up the original Danish issue of Hey Hey My My Yo Yo on Crunchy Frog stand very well on their own, but the addition of the EP certainly ups the ante. It's like a gift fruit basket, an apology for making you wait 24 months. You expected some sort of reparation, but you figured it would come more along the lines of a Hallmark card. And when the overpriced plastic-wraped goody appeared on your doorstep, you were pleased as punch. And that one pear sure tasted better than you deserved.

Rykodisc has done the honor of distributing the album stateside. It came out on Tuesday, so go pick it up! Here is one track from the bonus EP as well as a remix. These are my fruit basket condolences to you:

Junior Senior – "Together for One Last Dance"

Junior Senior – "Can I Get Get Get (Tore Johansson Remix)"

Bonus: Video for "Take My Time," a B-52's collab!

Oh btw, Stereogum posted another song from the bonus EP here.


Ali & Gipp ft. David Banner – "Get on da Floor"


Ali reps St. Lunatics, while Gipp is a Goodie Mob alum. Their album Kinfolk dropped Tuesday. "Get on da Floor" is something of a wintertime banger released a season or two too early. The tinkling handbell choir will send chills from your alien stunners on down to your Bathing Apes.


Basement Jaxx – "Close Your Eyes"


Brand new track here  with a sort of post-apocalyptic bubblegum pop orientation. Not too far removed from a Post-era Björk.

It's from an upcoming CGI anime feature length called Vexille directed by Fumihiko Sori. The soundtrack will also include tracks from DJ Shadow, M.I.A., Carl Craig, Underworld and Black Strobe.


Róisín Murphy – "Let Me Know" Radio Rip


Since the release of Róisín's 2005 debut long player (the still-retarded-fresh Ruby Blue), she has proven to be more than just "the Moloko chick." Ruby Blue was produced almost entirely by Matthew Herbert. For her forthcoming album, Overpowered, Róisín has recruited a bunch of folks, most notably Andy Cato of Groove Armada. She seems to be departing from the quirkiness of the last record, but it doesn't sound like she's given up the infectiousness of it all.

Cato helped her out with her second Overpowered single, "Let Me Know." Here's a rip from its premiere on BBC last week:


Bonus: Behind the scenes for the "Let Me Know" video:

Bonus: Video for "Overpowered," the first single off the album:

Bonus: An oldie but goodie, "Sow Into You" off Ruby Blue:

Btw, just stumbled upon this rad new Róisín fan blog today. It seems to have regular updates and tons of coverage on the new album and its singles.

I'm Pretty Sure I'm Anti-Hipster-Oriented Children's Television


Board Bangers – "Cause the Beat's Hot"


New rule: If you sample the Meow Mix theme, I will post you.

Before seeing a picture of these guys, I assumed "board" was perhaps in reference to a mixing board or some other piece of equipment. Silly me. Board Bangers are from Los Angeles. They're not quite hyphy. They follow more of a crunk-inspired Cali sound. Um...

Wait a minute. I thought I hyphy _was_ a crunk-inspired Cali sound. OK, my whole world is officially rocked. I need to start reevaluating things. While I'm doing so, please enjoy "Cause the Beat's Hot."


There's not a single thing about the video that doesn't confuse me. Thanks for shrouding my day in bewilderment, Board Bangers.



Gucci Mane


2007 Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival


My weekend was unusual. It involved plenty of the following: second-hand smoke, heat exhaustion, cotton crop, fifes, drums, homemade guitars, fried grits, fried shrimp sandwiches, fried green tomato sandwiches, fried alligator on a stick, fried etc.

I was in downtown Clarksdale, Miss. for a friend's art show, but the 20th annual Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival ended up taking over large parts of my visit. It was something like 110°, and most of the events and stages were set up outdoors. Somehow no one died.

Bobby Rush headlined Friday night. I knew little about the man. Turns out he's made some of the sickest gospel-perv-funk in the solar system since the '70s. He's something like 67 but still rocks a mean theatrical pelvic thrust. He had three booty dancers on stage, all of whom were of considerably different shapes and sizes. Here's what I managed to capture of Mr. Rush:



Of all the songs he performed, this would have to be my favorite:

Bobby Rush – "Big Fat Woman"

A lot of the local talent tended to revolve around Cat Head, the essential Clarksdale blues and folk art shop. I took these within said wrote typed shop:



The Cat Head folks had a stage set up right outside the shop. I saw a _lot_ of acts perform on that stage, too many to rattle off the top of my head. But Johnny Lowebow certainly stands out:


He sat in front of an abridged drum set and struck his snare with the same hand that strummed his peculiar homemade electric guitar. He played rowdy two-minute blues-rock songs and didn't give a fuck. He didn't allow much time for applause between songs. I actually had to interrupt him just to get a word in. I gave him $10, and he kicked his cardboard box of CD-Rs over to me and told me to take three, which I did.

I later found out that Lowebrow lives in Memphis and is a bookstore owner. Also, his homemade instrument is a cigar box guitar, and cigar box guitars are apparently called "lowebrows." Here is a track off his album 4. (He also has a nice one called "Katrina Dog," but this one's slightly better.)

Johnny Lowebow – "Get Away

In case you're still not convinced, here's more Lowebrow:

Another Cat Head affiliate was Mr. Tater. I kept hearing stories around town about the guy, and he became something of a mythical entity for me. The gallery owners eventually sent me on a mission to find Tater and book him to play outside the gallery. I finally tracked him down. He was fumbling down the main strip. I gave him the skinny and walked to the gallery with him. I didn't understand much of what he said, but he managed to communicate that he would soon return with his equipment. He ended up playing _in_ the gallery, which wasn't the idea. 'Cos, you know, people gotta talk about art and shit in there:


Tater's performance lasted about 30 minutes. It was a bit confusing. He's something of a Jandek of the Delta. He played two or three chords and sort of hummed/sang along. Before he left, he mumbled something about not wanting to go to prison. Sadly, I didn't buy any of Tater's music, but I did cop a DVD from him. If you ask nicely, I'll YouTube it one of these days.

This isn't the only off-topic post I'll have this week, so deal. A few more pics for good measure:




Thanks to Jenks for the tips.