M.I.A. at Lollapalooza

This whole thing is way beyond overkill at this point, so in celebration of my apparent lunacy, here are all the M.I.A. thighs pics I could find from her Lollapalooza performance on Friday:



















In other news, The Fader just posted a nice lengthy interview with Maya. It appears to be a track-by-track disection of Kala.

By the way, I totally posted the "Jimmy" video six minutes before Pitchfork. Squares...

Showgirls – "Fooling Around"


consist of Lionel Catalan (aka Catalan FC) and Respect founder David Blot. Not much else to report other than they're apparently unsigned at the moment, but they've got some promising content up on their MySpace, including a boss remix of the Hypnolove track "Mademoiselle."


M.I.A. – "Jimmy" Video

So the other day I said you wouldn't be seeing any M.I.A. posts for a while. There's one thing you'll need to understand about me before we go any further: I'm a liar. (Not necessarily a "filthy" or "miserable" liar, just a plain liar.)

This is the second time lately Perez Hilton has tipped me off on M.I.A. Who knew dude was such a baller? So I guess this confirms that the leaked version of "Jimmy" is indeed the real thing. And not only that, but it's a single with an insane high-budget video. It sticks out like a sore thumb from the other tracks on Kala, but who cares? It's her sellout track, and a lovely one it is.

By the way, you can find a higher-quality MOV version of the video here.

Antena – "Joppo + Eno (Pink Alert Re-Rub)"


With only one proper full length release to its name, Benelux pop act Antena continues to ride the ripples of its 1982 splash Latin-tinged mini album, Camino del Sol. The original six-track record has been reissued several times over. In 1989, it was expanded into 11 tracks. That number was bumped up to 14 in 2004 and 16 in 2006.

Most recently, the German imprint Permanent Vacation has peddled a remixed edition of Camino del Sol called Versions Spéciales. Remixers include Escort, Phreek Plus One, Joakim, Chromatics, Nouvelle Vague and the little-known Pink Alert, the latter of which you can hear below.


Bonus: Here's Antena's video for "The Boy From Ipanema," their first single:


Why DJ Assault Is Better Than You: "Bras 'n Panties"


It's become very difficult to keep up with DJ Assault's catalog. Every now and then I'll see some huge digital release pop up from the Detroit ghettotech don. It often has acapellas and instrumentals to boot. (Check iTunes for a few '06 releases as such.)

Here's the relatively PG-13 "Bras 'n Panties" (not to be confused with "No Bra, No Panties") from the new eMusic-only Trax 2 Make Ur Panties Wet.


Osborne – "Outta Sight"


Spectral came out of nowhere last week with this dreamy old school house number by Todd Osborne. Best track they've put out in years IMO. The B-side is an acid workout by TNT (aka Tadd Mullinix, aka Dabrye, aka James T. Cotton). You can buy it digital, but the 12 has a vinyl-only Luke Vibert remix of the A-side.


M.I.A. – KCRW Rips + "Jimmy"


This makes five in a row. It will be my last M.I.A. post for a while. (I promise.) These are rips from the KCRW performance from this past Thursday, seven tracks in all. I suppose I'm not quite as blown away by this set after repeated listens. But of the previously unheard songs ("Bamboo Banga," "20 Dollar," "Hussel" and "Paper Planes"), the Diplo-produced "Paper Planes" does stand out quite a bit. The summer vibe on that track is damn irresistible. "Summer murdah!"

"Bamboo Banga"
"20 Dollar"
"Paper Planes"

By the way, did anyone see that Perez Hilton posted the Bollywood-themed alleged Kala track "Jimmy"? It's totally different from the other Kala tracks we've heard, very much a disco-house stomper. It's based on a sample from the Parvati Khan song "Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aja."

An unusual post for Perez—more power to him. However, I'm not so sure this leak of "JImmy" a truly legit album version of the track. It just seems way too bubblegum for Maya. Not that I'm complaining. I've been on some strange Bollywood kick as of late, so it certainly fits my mood. I suppose we'll find out if it's legit for sure on Wednesday, which is the official release date for Kala in Japan. The U.S. and U.K. releases won't drop until later this month. I'll probably order the Japanese version because A) I don't feel like waiting two weeks and B) I want it for the three bonus tracks.


M.I.A. on Pitchfork


More M.I.A. (Don't snipe me.)

No intentional overload here, but Maya has been making her rounds lately.

From a Pitchfork interview posted this morning:

"I just find it a bit upsetting and kind of insulting that I can't have any ideas on my own because I'm a female or that people from undeveloped countries can't have ideas of their own unless it's backed up by someone who's blond-haired and blue-eyed."

This is a specific reference to the media's approach to Wes (Diplo) and his output in her music. She vents her frustration on how he is identified over and over as her chief collaborator and the mastermind behind a large part of her work. She points out that he only contributed one track for Arular and two for the forthcoming Kala. She also claims that Switch (if anyone) should be pointed out as her chief collaborator on Kala.

I don't believe Maya meant any genuine disrespect toward Wes or anyone else in particular with these statements. But it's quite a fiery interview.

M.I.A. on KCRW


I suppose it's evident that Kala fever is in full effect when you see three M.I.A. posts in a row. (My bad.)

This time, Maya's been hanging out on KCRW, and the whole occasion is a lot less awkward and a lot more chill than we heard on KIIS FM as posted below. There are some performances of tracks off Kala. It's my first time hearing the majority of them in any sort of completed state. And they sound good. Really good. It's like getting stabbed in the tummy with awesome.

Low Budget, who is now calling himself "Low B," is behind the decks. Cherry, Maya's official hypewoman, sounds a little chirpier than usual, especially on "Bird Flu."

Hear for yourself. Or see!


M.I.A. on KIIS


M.I.A. was interviewed on the Los Angeles station KIIS FM on Tuesday. Some douche calling himself "JoJo" did the honors. He is the reason I will never call Cali my home.

Not a whole lot was accomplished, but at least we know now that Maya uses her refrigerator for clothes storage in her Brooklyn apartment. She also went into some detail about the time she spent in Liberia filming a documentary about child soldier rehabilitation. Now that's the Maya we know and love. Oh, and "Kala" is her mother's name. I suppose that evens the score.

My interview was way better. JoJo ain't got shit on this. But here's the KIIS video interview in three parts: