Mirage – "Lake of Dreams"


The info is a little spare and sketchy, but apparently Italians Do It Better is a Jersey City-based imprint, and Mirage, who is an actual Italian, is an act on the label. Confusing. The roster seems to be in cahoots with Troubleman Unlimited, but I couldn't tell you if there's a true parent/sub connection there. Hopefully we'll find out more about the label and its artists as demand increases. I'll assume it has increased at least somewhat due to the rave reviews of After Dark, the label's new full length comp, which is headphone disco at its best.


The State DVD!!!

This makes me giddier that usual.

Pimp C Apologizes in All Caps


Pimp C
of UGK apologized this past Sunday for statements he made in a recent Ozone Magazine interview. I haven't read the interview, but I understand that in these statements, "the Pimp" implied that Atlanta is not part of the South. I, too, thought Atlanta was off on some fjord somewhere for the longest time, so I can't blame him. Honest mistake.

Pimp C actually already addressed these statements in a somewhat disgruntled, yet highly entertaining rant on 107.9 FM in Atlanta prior to his apology:

See the apology via the Pimp's MySpace.

Wu-Tang EPK

"We give gangbangs."
© 2007 RZA

Clone Flood on eMusic


I'm two weeks late on this, but it seems as if someone's favorite Dutch label just had a large part of its catalog uploaded to eMusic. I've been an eMusic junkie since the unlimited subscription days back in 2000. This update takes me back to those few glorious years. Clone used to put out primarily electro, but more recently they've dipped mostly into throwback disco. The comps Box Jams and the more recent Vintage Future are great starting points. Also, Alden Tyrell, who is probably the label's best known producer, seems to be very well represented with this update.


AiMT EXCLUSIVE: UGK ft. Outkast – "Int'l Players Anthem (Pink Skull Mash)"



Made this for a party this past weekend. On-the-fly shit. So much so that Bun B's verse was left out entirely. But hasn't dude been on something like 9,000 tracks in the past two years or so? He deserves to be in time-out for a while. Speaking of Bun, seen his blog yet? Or heard either of Pimp C's immaculate State of the Union Addresses? Both are recommended (chiefly the latter). Meanwhile, Pink Skull has kept busy on the remix tip.

...or download here


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