L Neils - "Puzzlebox"


Best Dance Songs of 2015

  1. DJ Koze - "XTC" [Pampa Records]
  2. The Phantom - "Complex City" [Silverback Recordings]
  3. Elysia Crampton - "Axacan" [Blueberry Records]
  4. The Galleria - "Calling Card" [Environ Records]
  5. Dark0 - "Fuschia" [Rinse Recordings]
  6. John Roberts - "Orah" [Brunette Editions]
  7. Deadboy - "White Moon Garden" [Local Action Records]
  8. Dux Content - "Snow Globe" [PC Music]
  9. Avalon Emerson - "Sword and Rose Forever" [Shtum]
  10. Percussions - "Digital Arpeggios" [Text Records]
  11. Call Super - "Migrant" [Houndstooth]
  12. A. G. Cook - "What I Mean" [Annie Mac Presents]
  13. Precipitation - "Meditations on the Self and the Other (B2)" [videogamemusic]
  14. Strict Face - "Alice (Peace Edit)" [Gobstopper Records]
  15. Morgan Geist - "Darkstar" [Environ Records]
  16. Matt Karmil - "Moment" [Studio Barnhus]
  17. Umberto - "End Credits" [MMODEMM]
  18. Da Multi Snake - "Ndaheni" [SHANGAANBANG]
  19. Slam Skillet - "Connective" [Dirty//Clean]
  20. Akasha System - "Parasail Coast" [S/R]
  21. Project Pablo - "Sky Lounge" [1080p]
  22. Sega Bodega - "Sun Loop" [Activia Benz]
  23. Hunee - "Crossroads" [Rush Hour Recordings]
  24. Kuedo - "Boundary Regulation" [Knives]
  25. d'Eon - "Infosys II" [Knives]
  26. Model 500 - "Hi NRG" [Metroplex Records]
  27. Niagara - "Arruda" [Principe Discos]
  28. Luca Lozano - "Come With Me" [Unknown to the Unknown]
  29. Photonz - "Basik" [Crème Organization]
  30. ALSO - "Formation" [R&S Records]

Best Electronic Albums of 2015

2015 lacked albums that proclaimed themselves "Album of the Year" with any real authority or gusto, but it made up for it with many, many very good albums. Not too many achieved excellence or were era-defining, but there was still plenty of worthwhile listening. Here's a look back:

  1. Oneohtrix Point Never - Garden of Delete [Warp Records]
  2. Visionist - Safe [PAN]
  3. Jlin - Dark Energy [Planet Mu]
  4. Vaghe Stelle - Abstract Speed + Sounds [Other People]
  5. Elysia Crampton - American Drift [Blueberry Records]
  6. d'Eon - Foxconn / Trios [Knives]
  7. Mark McGuire - Beyong Belief [Dead Oceans]
  8. The Phantom - LP2 [Silverback Recordings]
  9. Akasha System - Sea Glass [S/R]
  10. White Poppy - Natural Phenomena [Not Not Fun]
  11. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Euclid [Western Vinyl]
  12. Taragana Pyjarama - Ariel [True Panther Sounds]
  13. Jam City - Dream a Garden [Night Slugs]
  14. Scientific Dreamz of U & Junior Loves - The Dreamcode [1080p]
  15. CFCF - Radiance & Submission [Driftless Recordings]
  16. Holly Herndon - Platform [RVNG Intl.]
  17. Acronym - June [Northern Electronics]
  18. V/A - Cargaa Series [Warp Records]
  19. Afrikan Sciences - Circuitous [PAN]
  20. Brian - Paths We Take [S/T]
  21. Iglew - Urban Myth [Gobstopper Records]
  22. Slackk - Backwards Light [R&S]
  23. Nico Niquo - Epitaph [Orange Milk Records]
  24. Nidia Minaj - Danger [Principe Discos]
  25. Hunee - Hunch Music [Rush Hour Recordings]

Greenova South (Pepperboy & Squadda B) - "Tears in My Eyes" prod. by Young God

Little Rock's Pepperboy put out one LP and one collaborative EP last year. In comparison to the monsoon of content he put out in 2013 and 2014, 2015 was a slow year for him. Or at least that was my assumption. Now it seems evident that he's been busy recording and carefully calculating his next move.

In his vast catalog, the mournful "Tears in My Eyes" stands out as his best track. And lucky for us, there's an entire LP coming from this same team (Pepp, Squadda B from Main Attrakionz, and production by Young God of BSBD). The project will be out via NY boutique clothing giant Mishka, which is an appropriate and well deserved platform for Pepp.

🍸 Here's to a big 2016 for Pepperboy and his affiliates.


Best Ambient Albums of 2015

Noise, new age, kosmische, vaporwave, modern classical, drone, film scores, and on, and on. 2015 was a varied year for ambient music. Here's what came out on top in my eyes:

  1. Nmesh & Telepath - ロストエデンへのパス [Dream Catalogue™]
  2. Occult Orientated Crime - The Occult Orientated Crime Album [Nightwind Records]
  3. Kurt Stenzel - Jodorowsky's Dune OST [Light in the Attic]
  4. Gora Sou - Ramifications [Orange Milk Records]
  5. X.Y.R. - Mental Journey to B.C. [Not Not Fun]
  6. Gausian Curve - S/T [Music From Memory]
  7. Cryptosystem I - Mortalscapes [Enterntainment Systems]
  8. Sunmoonstar - Ibid [Twin Springs Tapes]
  9. Max Richter - Sleep [Deutsche Grammophon]
  10. Robert Aiki, Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma - FRKWYS Vol. 12: We Know Each Other Somehow [RVNG Intl.]
  11. V/A - Pop Ambient 2016 [Kompakt]
  12. Kara-Lis Coverdale - Aftertouches [Sacred Phrases]
  13. Biosphere & Deathprod - Stator [Touch]
  14. Michael Vallera - Distance [Opal Tapes]
  15. Kara-Lis Coverdale & LXV - Sirens [Umor Rex Records]
  16. Inner Travels - Phases of a Forest Moon [Otherwordly Mystics]
  17. Les Halles - Forum [Noumenal Loom]
  18. Opaline - Open Source [Hacktivism Records]
  19. Steve Hauschildt - Where All Is Fled [Kranky]
  20. Jonas Reinhardt - Palace Savant [Further Records]
  21. Steve Moore - Cub OST [Relapse]
  22. H Takahashi - Sea Meditation [Entertainment Systems]
  23. Lee Bannon - Pattern of Excel [Ninja Tune]
  24. Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy - Sintetizzatrice [Spectrum Spools]
  25. Majeure - Union of Worlds [Constellation Tatsu]

Baby Armie - Rock Candy Guest Mix

The Rock Candy blog over at Arkansas Times asked me to do a mix, so I shared some of my favorite dance tracks of 2015. Read the feature here.

  1. A. G. Cook - "What I Mean" [Annie Mac Presents]
  2. The Galleria - "Calling Card" [Environ Records]
  3. Tensnake - "In the End (I Want You to Cry) (Lone Remix)" [Running Back Records]
  4. Nozinja - "Xihukwani" [Warp Records]
  5. Project Pablo - "Sky Lounge" [1080p]
  6. Seaside Houz Boyz - "Deepness of X70002" [Hot Haus Recs]
  7. Morgan Geist - "Darkstar" [Environ Records]
  8. Koova - "In Search Of" [Central Processing Unit]
  9. Archie Pelago - "Clammy Customer" [Mister Saturday Night Records]
  10. Slam Skillet - "Connective" [Dirty//Clean]
  11. DJ Dotorado ft. DJ Teklas - "Drena" [Warp Records]
  12. Jubilee - "Jealous" [Mixpak Records]
  13. Model 500 - "Hi NRG" [Metroplex]
  14. Sega Bodega - "Sun Loop" [Activia Benz]
  15. Callosum - "Overture" [Car Crash Set]
  16. Plastician - "Sorcery" [Terrorhythm]
  17. Glacci - "Ember" [Heka Trax]
  18. The Phantom - "Complex City" [Silverback Recordings]

Armchair Backlog, 2015 Q4

Looking back at my favorite findings in the realm of late 2015 chill music.

  1. Dang Olsen Dream Tape - "Licorice Drink" [Beer on the Rug]
  2. Loto Retina - "Agilité" [Carpi Records]
  3. CORIN & ju ca - "Nocturne" [Phinery]
  4. Uncle Trey - "Now You Know (Strict Face's Melo Edit)" [S/R]
  5. Tempelhof & Gigi Masin - "Tuvalu" [Hell Yeah Recordings]
  6. Emily Yacina - "A Curse" [S/R]
  7. Shigeto - "Need Nobody" [Ghostly International]
  8. Low Flung - "Powerline" [Phinery]
  9. Sunmoonstar - "Everything Is Surface" [Squiggle Dot]
  10. Sully - "Hours, Miles & Still..." [Astrophonica]
  11. Photonz - "Like Tears in the Rain2" [S/R]

CLUB DRIVEL: December 2015

This is an abbreviated edition of CLUB DRIVEL! No blurbs this month, but you can stream the full list in the 8tracks widget above or view the entries on Resident Advisor, Spotify, or Beatport if that's your thing.

  1. Umberto - "End Credits" [MMODEMM]
  2. d'Eon - "Infosys II" [Knives]
  3. Brassfoot - "We Made It Out the Hood Ma" [Unknown to the Unknown]
  4. Denis Sulta - "It's Only Real" [Numbers]
  5. Danny L Harle - "Broken Flowers" [PC Music]
  6. Lechuga Zafiro ft. C1080 - "Tambor Espada (Blacksea Não Maya Remix)" [Salviatek]
  7. Baba Stiltz - "Cherry (Legowelt Remix)" [Unknown to the Unknown]
  8. Harald Björk - "Sabor Latino" [Studio Barnhus]
  9. DJ Overdose - "Housejam Freaker (Willie Burns Remix)" [Unknown to the Unknown]
  10. Sully - "Crystal Cuts" [Astrophonica]

AiMT's 2015 Hip-Hop Favorites

Here's the first of the 2015 year-end features. It will probably be January before I get the rest of them up, but they're coming.

2015 has probably been the least hip-hop-centric year in AiMT's history, but there's still plenty of great stuff that came out. Here's what I got. Did I miss anything

  1. Post Malone - "Holyfield" prod. by FKi, Rex Kudo, Charlie Handsome & Lifted
  2. Dr. Yen Lo - "Day 0" prod. by DJ Preservation
  3. Tate Kobang - "Bank Rolls (Remix)"
  4. Fetty Wap ft. Monty - "Jugg" prod. by Salik Singletary
  5. Stormzy - "Shut Up" prod. by XTC
  6. DonMonique - "Pilates (Kendall, Kylie, Miley)" prod. by Cece G
  7. Kamaiyah - "How Does It Feel" prod. by CT Beats
  8. Black Kray - "Luh 4ren" prod. by Big Lo$
  9. Young Thug - "Raw (Might Just)" prod. Treasure Fingers
  10. Sicko Mobb - "Kool-Aid" prod. The Blue Ranger
  11. Main Attrakionz - "Dip" prod. by Friendzone
  12. Future - "Lay Up" prod. by Zaytoven
  13. Jeff Chery - "Sorry" prod. by SM Tracks & Kid Class
  14. Wizkid ft. Drake & Skepta - "Ojuelegba (Remix)"
  15. Thast - "Rep Ur County X Pisces MM" (Baby Face Thrilla Mashup)
  16. Danny Seth - "Danny Darling" prod. Zach Nahome
  17. Rae Sremmurd - "No Type (Canblaster & Siroj Orchestral Refix)"

Gentle Daps XVIII: Guest Mix by Opaline

Portland-based ambient artist Opaline has gotten regular coverage here on AiMT, so I am thrilled that he's been kind enough to offer up this latest entry in the Gentle Daps series. It's a live mix made up entirely of vinyl and cassettes, and it continues the new age theme of the past few Daps episodes. The format choice is fitting considering Opaline's thick release schedule of cassettes in recent years. His most recent is called Open Source and is available on Hacktivism Records. Stream/buy it and the rest of Opaline's extensively serene catalog over on his Bandcamp page.

  1. Oneohtrix Point Never - "Behind the Bank" [Deception Island, 2007]
  2. Harmonizer - "Permanent Culture" [NNA Tapes, 2010]
  3. Mark Isham - "Raffles in Rio" [Windham Hill Records, 1983]
  4. Wave Temples - "Keys to the Inner Island" (Excerpt) [Rainbow Pyramid, 2013]
  5. Richard Burmer - "Physics" [Fortuna Records, 1984]
  6. Panabrite - "Glass Corridor" [Love All Day, 2012]
  7. Jon Hassell - "Datu Bintung at Jelong" [Editions EG, 1981]
  8. Ant’Lrd - "Lawn Tactics" [Baro Records, 2015]
  9. Eberhard Schoener - "Sky Music" (Excerpt) [Kuckuck, 1984]
  10. Pulse Emitter - "Steam and Stars" [Expansive, 2014]
  11. Robert Schroder - "Floating music" [Innovative Communication, 1980]
  12. X.Y.R. - "Message in a Bottle" [Singapore Sling Tapes, 2013]
  13. Laraaji - "Unicorns in Paradise" (Excerpt) [S/R, 1981]
  14. Inner Travels - "First Light - Part 6" [Twin Springs Tapes, 2014]
  15. Dylan Ettinger - "The Waterfront" [New Age Outlaws, 2010]
  16. Floating Gardens "Vernal Pool Simulation" (Excerpt) [Constellation Tatsu, 2013]
  17. Software - "Love Potion of Artificial Life" [Innovative Communication, 1985]
  18. Sundial - "Plain of Ghosts" (Excerpt) [S/R, 2014]
  19. K. Riemann - "Gymnopedie" [Innovative Communication, 1984]