Savoir Faire Promo Mix

It wasn't even two weeks ago that I posted a mix by Cool Shoes alum Shawn Lee, but he's already churned out yet another to help promote the Savoir Faire rooftop party happening this Friday in Little Rock. Unlike his dubstep-leaning summer mix, this one screams party. It's chock full of highly recognizable pleasers, and if it's any indicator of what things will sound like on Friday, it's going to be one hell of a party.

The Savoir Faire lineup will include all three resident Cool Shoes DJs (Shawn Lee, Deeter and Risky Biz), which is something we rarely get to see.

Download the Savoir Faire promo mix [zShare]

01. DCUP - "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life"
02. Miike Snow - "Animal (Treasure Fingers Remix)"
03. M.I.A. - "Sunshowers (Diplo Remix)"
04. Dizzee Rascal [ft. Calvin Harris and Chrome] - "Dance Wiv Me (Shazam Remix)"
05. Daft Punk - "Face to Face (Night Drugs Re-Work)"
06. Lykki Li - "Little Bit (Villains Remix)"
07. N.A.S.A. [ft. Kanye West, Santogold & Lykke Li] - "Gifted (Treasure Fingers Remix)"
08. Justice - "Phantom II (Dean Newton Remix)"
09. Carl Hanaghan & My Digital Enemy - "Leyenda (Bass Kleph Remix)"
10. PSEUDO-LICIOUS - "Panzershreck (Shawn Lee Is Hustlin' Acapella Edit)"
11. Fukkk Offf - "The Bottom"
12. Major Lazer - "Hold the Line (NROTB Remix)"
13. Santogold [ft. Spank Rock] - "Shove It (Grandtheft Remix)"
14. Daft Punk - "Around the World (Lunyp Can't Stop Me B-More Remix)"
15. Treasure Fingers - "Cross the Dancefloor (Laidback Luke Remix)"
16. Treasure Fingers - "Cross the Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)"
17. Sebastien Tellier - "Kilometer (A-Trak Extended Dub)"
18. New Order - "Blue Monday"
19. Q Lazzarus - "Goodbye Horses"
20. Michael Jackson - "P.Y.T. (Marquis/Dmerit Remix)"

• DJ Shawn Lee - BASSANDKICKS.COM Presents Mixtape, Vol. 1

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Busta Rhymes [ft. Estelle] - "World Go Round (DJ Mehdi Remix)"

(via RCRD LBL)

Nowadays rap and dance drift along in a functional symbiosis, so you'd think remixes like this would be easier to come by. But I've had the damnedest time lately finding decent remixes of Top 40 rap tracks. I don't know what the deal is. This lil' jernt, flipped by Mehdi of the Ed Banger camp, is a nice cool drink in the sweltering dance/rap remix drought of '09. Quite a pleasant (and only mildly NSFW) surprise from the RCRD LBL blog's usually dime-a-dozen selection:


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New Emynd EP


Just a quick heads up that Emynd's new Club Champ EP is available on Amazon, eMusic, iTunes, etc. And you can stream the entire release over at Crossfaded Bacon. DJs take heed: the NOLA bounce remix by Peacachoo is not to be missed!

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Summer Mixes From the Bass + Kicks Camp

Thought I'd float you a couple of dubstep-leaning summer mixes from the Central Arkansas circuit. I spotted these over at Bass + Kicks, which is yet another new blog fronted by Cool Shoes crony Shawn Lee. Here's his mix:

DJ Shawn Lee - BASSANDKICKS.COM Mixtape, Vol. 1

Download DJ Shawn Lee's BASSANDKICKS.COM Presents Mixtape, Vol. 1 [zShare]

01. Kalimist - "We Don't Give a Fuck"
02. Dub and Run - "Boyz"
03. CLP - "Ready or Not"
04. Mansion - "Stab"
05. Costello - "Push that System (Lazy Rich Remix)"
06. Boltan - "Creepy (Mightyfools Remix)"
07. GTRONIC - "Slasher"
08. Fukkk Offf - "Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me (Polymorphic Remix)"
09. Autodidakt - "Shit Your Rack (The Proxy Remix)"
10. Zombie Nation - "Forza (Housemeister Remix)"
11. La Roux - "Bulletproof (Foamo Remix)"
12. La Roux - "Bulletproof (Foamo's Dubstep Remix)"
13. Biscope - "Ol' Dirty (Shimmy Shimmy Ya Dubstep Remix)"
14. Babylon System & Antiserum - "California Style"
15. Nero - "Something Else"
16. DZ - "Down"
17. Flux Pavillion - "Take That"
18. Pop Levi - "Dita Dimoné (Mumdance & High Rankin Remix)"
19. ediT - "Straight Heat"
20. Nalepa - "Monday (The Glitch Mob Remix)"
21. Boreta - "Bubblin' in the Cut"

And here's one by DJ/producer Wolf-E-Wolf, whom I shared the stage with at Cool Shoes in April:

Wolf-E-Wolf - Summer '09 Mix

Download Wolf-E-Wolf's Summer '09 Mix [zShare]

01. Product.01 - "Ready 2 Rage (Bassnectar & Jantsen Remix)"
02. Rusko - "Mr. Muscle"
03. Vaski - "You Wouldn't Understand"
04. Rusko - "Hammertime (W.e.W. Edit)"
05. AC Slater - "Hello"
06. AC Slater - "Hello (Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror Remix)"
07. DeVille [ft. Jimmy Luv] - "Quente Demais (Kanji Kinetic Remix)"
08. Larry Tee - "Hipster Girl (Evol Intent's Walking Dead Remix)"
09. Bassnectar - "Art of Revolution"
10. Rusko - "Bionic Commando"
11. The Bloody Beetroots - "Warp (Barletta Edit)"
12. Don Diablo [ft. Example] - "Hooligans (A1 Bassline Remix)"
13. Tomb Crew - "Bigger Than Hip-Hop"
14. Hostage - "Rudeboys"
15. Dub & Run - "Boyz"
16. Emalkay - "Explicit"
17. Egyptrixx - "Godzilla"
18. Sub Scape - "Dreadlock"
19. Tek-One - "Mate"

If you're looking for more DJ sets out of the A-State, don't forget that Baby Armie jernt. So sexi.

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Big K.R.I.T. - "The South"

Big K.R.I.T.

Here's a quickie from Big K.R.I.T., who is quite possibly the busiest rapper out of Mississippi these days. He's had leaked tracks popping up all over the place lately. The summery Dirty South soul vibe on "The South" is nothing new, but it's wholly essential. Let's be honest—it's not even like southern rap needs an anthem right now, but I don't care. It feels right enough.

K.R.I.T. might catch some flack for emulating Pimp C and Rich Boy on this one, but I got his back. I'll be bumpin' this all summer:

Direct [Download]

Check the 7even:Thirty video for more Crooked Letter action.

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The State of Local CD Street Sales with Epiphany and Sean Fresh

Little Rock MC Epiphany and R&B crooner Sean Fresh just launched the I Am the Life blog, which maily deals with celebrity-circuit gossip and commentary but also dips into local matters. This slightly NSFW video finds the two of them in downtown Little Rock examining the state of recession-era local CD hustlin':

Quote of the day:

"I NEED you to buy my CD for like five dollars." - Sean Fresh

In other news, Epiphany has been floating me some of this flips and original tracks lately, so I thought I'd throw them in a zip file for easier consumption. The following joints are included (all NSFW):

• Epiphany [ft. Scotty Su] - "The Come Up"
• Epiphany - "Still 5 on It" [Flip of "I Got 5 on It" by Luniz]
Paul Wall [ft. Webbie & Epiphany] - "Bizzy Body (Remix)"

Download the Zip [Direct]

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Baby Armie [fka Luminfire] - Big Tyme Nutt Gittaz: The Movement

Click for hi-res

Change is in the air here at AiMT. For starters, I'm hereby changing my DJ alias from the fossilized "Luminfire" to the oh-so-spry "Baby Armie." Don't ask why. It's just the movement.

My last two sets were of the new/old Italo and new wave varieties, but this one has an altogether different vibe. It's more upbeat and a lot closer to what you'd hear me spin live:

Download [Direct] — Bloggers please rehost.

00:00: Bamabounce - "Get Up on It"
04:03: Amadou & Mariam - "Sabali (Uproot Andy Remix)"
06:53: Hervé - "Who da Champ"
08:59: The Outfield - "Your Love (Toy Selectah MexMore Remix)"
10:24: Dan the Automator [ft. Domino, Casual & Chali 2na] - "Rapper's Delight (Tepr Remix)"
13:06: DJ Amazing Clay - "Favela Funk Samba"
15:20: DJ LoKey - "Get With This (Get Busy)"
17:02: Dance Area - "AA 24/7 (Starkey Remix)"
19:19: Chairlift - "Evident Utensil (Sinden Remix)"
24:14: Hostage - "Pirates"
26:27: Cryptonites - "T.N.T. (Twists 'n Turns)"
28:48: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - "Bournemouth"
30:46: NROTB - "Miam Miam"
32:59: Feadz [ft. MC Wesley] - "Subiu, Desceu"
36:03: Rye Rye [ft. M.I.A.] - "Bang (WTF I Asked for a Kuduro Remix by Buraka Som Sistema)" [NSFW]
37:10: Toddla T - "Shake It (The Count & Sinden Remix)"
38:38: Steel - "Shake That"
40:07: Orbital - "Lush (Hervé's Tree and Leaf Remix)"
42:05: Housemeister - "Rambo"
44:33: Crookers [ft. MC Dandao] - "Soca Ali Baba (DJ Phabyo Baile Funk Remix)"
47:30: Jamie Fanatic - "What's Happening to Ya! (Say Wut's Zappin' Remix)"
51:36: Outro

Thanks to the Lil' Rock homie Shawn Lee (of Cool Shoes and The Disco Itch fame) for the cover hookup, and thanks to KXUA's longest running DJ, Beat Bachs, for premiering the mix Sunday night on The Digital Earthquake. Expect a few more homegrown DJ sets this week.

Lady GaGa - "Just Dance (Downtown Party Network Blend by Luminfire Baby Armie)"
Luminfire Baby Armie - Sequin Ambrosia, Vol. 3

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Major Lazer [ft. Ms. Thing] - "When You Hear the Bassline"

Gay Fish & Major Lazer

Oddly enough, this is only my second Major Lazer post. Usually I hype any larger Mad Decent project into oblivion, but this one I've been taking it easy with because seemingly every other blog on the planet has been holding it down hard.

This Ms. Thing choon is probably my favorite off the album:


The Dance Area remix ain't bad either. You can pick it up on the iTunes release of the album.

Speaking of which, Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do is out today on Downtown. Buy it off Amazon ($9.49), iTunes ($9.99—with bonus tracks).

BONUS: "Hold the Line" [ft. Mr. Lexx & Santigold] [dir. by Ferry Gouw:

Angelina Jolie & Major Lazer

Ricky Gervais & Major Lazer

Barack Obama & Major Lazer

Major Lazer [ft. Andy Milonakis] - "Zumbi"

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7even:Thirty - "Galaxy Express" Video

Whoa. Mohawk hipster rap straight outta the Crooked Letter. What'll they think of next? Jackson, Miss. is holding it down hard on this one. It's directed by Clay Hardwick, and the beat is by Erik L. And, if I'm not mistaken, this track samples the obscuro Italo-disco classic "Margherita" by Martgueritas. Not sure how I managed to pull that one out of my rapidly deteriorating memory.

Shouts to my #1 601 connect, Enhanced Mixture, for the tip. Fondren Corner stand up!

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Tanner Beam - Creamsicle Dreams: The Summer Mix

Tanner Beam - Creamsicle Dreams

Resident AiMT intern/custodian Tanner Beam just churned out this nice 76-minute summer set of downtempo/Balearic head nodders. He's been a big part of the Fayetteville DJ circuit for a few years now, and this mix exemplifies what he's been spinning live lately:

Download [Mediafire]

01. Nightmares on Wax - "Gambia Via Vagatorbeach" (1995)
02. Meanderthals - "Desire Lines" (2009)
03. Fever Ray - "When I Grow Up (Version by Lissvik)" (2009)
04. Cantoma - "Under the Stars" (2008)
05. Aeroplane - "Above the Clouds" (2007)
06. The Bionics - "Love Chains (Greg Wilson Version)" (2007)
07. Chaz Jankel - "Glad to Know You (Todd Terje Re-Edit)" (2007)
08. Lars Behrenroth - "The Beach (Smith & Mudd's Mix)" (2008)
09. DJ Kaos - "Love the Night Away (Tiedye Mix)" (2009)
10. Canyons - "Apples & Pears" (2008)
11. P18 - "Entre Sol y Palmeras" (2002)
12. Woolfy vs. Projections - "Neeve (Permanent Vacation Tropical Heat Mix)" (2008)
13. The Embassy - "Lurking (Tensnake Remix)" (2008)
14. Luomo - "The Tease is Over" (2006)
15. Boozoo Bajou - "Under My Sensi (Tip Kick Mix)" (2003)
16. Empire of the Sun - "Walking on a Dream (Treasure Fingers Remix)" (2008)
17. Sally Shapiro - "Hold Me So Tight (The Cansecos Remix)" (2008)
18. Heads We Dance - "My Heart Is Set on You (Combo Remix)" (2008)

P.S. Tanner is not really my intern/custodian, but he does give a hell of a foot massage on command.

Speaking of mixes, I'll be dropping a new one either this weekend or early next week. Expect a new DJ handle and a whole new movement. Y'all ain't reddy.

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