Baby Armie's November 2013 Dance Chart

  1. Staffan Lindberg - "The Orbit" [Dolly]
  2. Azab & Crybaby J - "Agent Orange" [We Play House]
  3. Mbiri Young Stars - "Ndiri Ndanogio Niwe (Batida 1977 Remix)" [Soundway]
  4. Ricardo Tobar - "Organza" [Desire]
  5. Nosaj Thing - "Try (Kyle Hall Remix)" [Innovative Leisure]
  6. Next - "Too Close (Erosion Flow Moody Dub)" [ManMakeMusic]
  7. Mount Kimbie - "You Took Your Time (Kyle Hall Remix)" [Warp]
  8. DVA - "Gang Gang Riddim" [Cargo]
  9. Yoru - "That Old Thing" [Rudimentary]
  10. Tom Trago - "For the Children" [Rush Hour]
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New 607 album: NerdFromTheHood

A few years back, Little Rock rap mainstay 607 began scaling back his frenzied album release schedule. In the '00s he was known for dropping as many as four per year. In 2010 he rolled out three albums under the earFear guise, which is a collaboration with his brother Bobby. 2011 yielded another earFear album along with a 607 solo album. And since 2012 he's shrunk his output down to a manageable one album per year. The results have been largely favorable. Don't get me wrong—hearing a new Lord Six project every few months had its merits, but the new Six is more refined and more calculated. The time and care put into last year's YIK3LIF3! and the brand new NerdFromTheHood is very evident.

The latter, his 39th album which dropped earlier today, is chockfull of variety in terms of topics and directions from song to song. Eclectic albums are nothing new for 607, but the quality and maturity in dealing with such is what sets this album apart from his work in previous years. He jumps from lap dances on "Give It Up" to heart-wrenching social commentary on the chilling "Let's Talk About It," and he's clearly comfortable every/anywhere in between.

It's also notable that this is Six's first album since his viral Worldstar smash, "Block Monster," which garnered over 3.6 million views earlier this year.

Anyway I'll be bumping this for months to come, and I encourage you to do the same. And while you're at it, check the NerdFromTheHood promo vids and don't forget the 607 Flip Pack compilation I put up on the AiMT SoundCloud a while back.


A Layman's Guide to Pepperboy

Over the past year or two, Little Rock's Pepperboy has become an unlikely seasoned hero in the Internet-centric cloud rap movement. His first spike in national attention can be traced back to April, 2011, when Lil B borrowed a Pep beat for his track "My Life." This tiny blip on hip-hop's expansive timeline saw Pep keeping in touch with Lil B and forming even closer ties with some of B's Cali constituents, namely Keyboard Kid and Main Attrakionz' Squadda B.

These and other connections have served him well, but Pep's real key to a maintained visibility has been his ability to seize the moment. He saw the interest in his work climbing, and he responded with a monsoon of creative output, resulting in 12 releases over the course of the last 19 months. Most of these 12 releases are full length albums, and they've landed him press with Spin, Fader, Mishka, MTV Hive and a host of other sites.

In this feature we'll take a look at all 12 releases and ask Pep some questions along the way to gain a bit of incite on the significance of each album. This list is chronological minus the first entry, which is the AiMT premiere of Pep's latest offering.

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ANTS Podcast #016: Tech-Houseplants

Here's a dreamy playlist of subdued techno and house for foggy autumn days.

Tracklist after the jump.

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Baby Armie's October 2013 Dance Chart

  1. Fort Romeau - "Your Light" [Ghostly International]
  2. Alias G - "3XG Anthem" [Unknown to the Unknown]
  3. Kyson - "Gazes" [Friends of Friends]
  4. Agoria - "Scala" [Innervisions]
  5. Black Orange Juice - "Started in Paris" [True Panther Sounds]
  6. Gerry Read - "Rubber Hands" [Fourth Wave]
  7. Canblaster - "I Can't Wait" [Marble]
  8. Bluredism - "Dots in Patches" [Teng]
  9. Gent Mason - "Head (Fort Romeau Remix)" [Aesop]
  10. John Wizards - "Hogsback" [Planet Mu]
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Baby Armie's September 2013 Dance Chart

  1. Murlo - "Adder" [Unknown to the Unknown]
  2. John Wizards - "Lusaka by Night (LV Remix)" [Planet Mu]
  3. Kelpe - "Monte Verità" [Don't Be Afraid]
  4. LPZ - "Without You" [Body Work]
  5. dBridge - "Plain to See" [R&S]
  6. Redinho - "Searching" [Numbers]
  7. Guy Andrews - "7AM" [2020Vision]
  8. Spooky - "Baby (Hot Haus Remix)" [Unknown to the Unknown]
  9. Roland Tings - "Tomita's Basement (Jeremy Greenspan Remix)" [Club Mod]
  10. Youan - "Your Trust (Kastle Remix)" [Minds on Fire]
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Why I Chart

Recently a few people have asked me why I bother to keep a monthly DJ chart, so I thought I'd name my reasons and touch on some of the potential benefits in keeping a chart for DJs in general.

First off I'll explain what my chart actually is. It's essentially a fantasy dance chart. I DJ every weekend, but I do so "professionally." Meaning I play 90% Top 40. The music you'll find on my chart is generally not music I get to play at gigs. The chart is more of a chronicle of what I'm into and what I'm likely to drop in sets for online mixes and occasional hobbyist gigs. I believe there are lots of DJs in my same boat, so I can't say I feel bad about maintaining the chart in this way.

So onto the million-dollar question: Why do I chart? The short answer is because I like sharing music. Many DJs are stingy with their findings and—to be fair—often have perfectly sensible reasons for being that way. I don't think there's anything wrong with being a stingy DJ, but it's just not my angle. I've always had music-related hobbies, and they've always been about sharing my thoughts and findings. Charting is simply the next link in the chain for me in that respect.

Charting is also a way for me to be structured and diligent about finding new music. It's a chore but a really fun one. It's an excuse to zone out once a month and spend hours upon hours finding new music. I'd be doing this anyway, but the monthly chart really helps keep me in check.

It's a way to create unique content. DJs typically don't have ample amounts of content to push online. Producer/DJs do, but I think it's a fair assumption that most DJs are not producers. Many are, but most aren't. So for those of us in the majority, there aren't a ton of obvious ways to create content online aside from cranking out mixes left and right, but that's not always practical. A chart is valid content, and content increases visibility.

But above all that, keeping this chart is about looking ahead. All the labor that goes into being a DJ won't be lost in the ether. I'll be able to refer back to these charts years from now. Decades even.

If you've kept up with AiMT for a while and are perhaps dissatisfied with the drop in content, just think of each chart as 10 individual blog posts. Only I skip the writeups go straight into the music. If you've opted out of listening to the charts altogether because you favor single blog posts, then at least do me the favor of trying the charts. A lot of love goes into them—believe me.


Baby Armie's August 2013 Dance Chart

  1. The Howling - "Shortline (Frank Wiedemann Remix)" [Innervisions]
  2. Fort Romeau - "Jetée" [Ghostly International]
  3. Dobie & Eclectic - "Kin" [Ninja Tune]
  4. Jensen Sportag - "Bellz" [Cascine]
  5. Lords of Midnite - "Drown in Ur Love" [Unknown to the Unknown]
  6. Walton - "Every Night" [Hyperdub]
  7. Lone - "Begin to Begin" [R&S]
  8. Ikonika ft. Jessy Lanza - "Beach Mode (Keep It Simple)" [Hyperdub]
  9. Redshape - "Disco Marauder" [Delsin]
  10. Toby Gale - "Cool Car" [Tape Club]
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ANTS Podcast #015: 2013 Reissues, Pt. 2

I dug a little deeper into my stack of 2013 reissues to put together this eclectic playlist.

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ANTS Podcast #014: 2013 Reissues, Pt. 1

This installment of ANTS highlights dance reissues from the first half of 2013. Detroit techno from Planet E, new wave from Medical, classic house from Rush Hour, electronic Bollywood gonzo-pop from Finders Keepers, and more.

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