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ST, 6 TRE G & AC Burna - "Feel The" aka "Chris Brown" [prod. by Block Beataz]

...and Pure Moods rap begat Karate Kid rap.

Codie G from Huntsville Got Starz put this in my inbox a little while ago, but Traps 'n Trunks beat me to it. Imma let 'em have this one.

Any ol' hoot, this Block Beataz-produced joint is, not surprisingly, a straight banger. (I'm actually quite tired of using the word "banger," but I simply can't think of a better term in this case.) And in trademark Hunstville fashion, the Block Beataz dudes lifted a sample from an "unexpected" source: Bill Conti's 1984 Karate Kid score. (Thanks to The Boom Operator for the ID—I almost had it.)

The Chris Brown reference is not exactly surprising. Some butthole in the rap game was inevitably going to write a lyric (or whole hook, in this case) trivializing poor Rihanna. We don't condone it, bruh. Just sayin'.

Download [via Traps 'n Trunks]

By the way, can someone explain to me exactly what "Huntsville Got Starz" actually is? It it just a promotions unit? Google hasn't been too helpful.

The Cole Boyz [ft. Adiemus] - "March to Zion" [prod. by Block Beataz]

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