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Major Lazer [ft. Andy Milonakis] - "Zumbi"

Andy Milonakis

This popped up on my radar a few days ago. I didn't even bother posting it initially because I assumed the PMA-minded blog universe would collectively and immediately overexpose it. Strangely, it hasn't yet landed on any of the "bigger" blogs I watch. That's somewhat perplexing. I wonder if there's some pact between the Mad Decent fam and the upper crust blogosphere that this particular track is off limits. If so, I didn't get the memo, so here you go.

For those of you not in the know, Major Lazer is the dancehall project of Switch and Diplo. They've been talking about the project for well over a year now, and we'll finally get to hear the full fruits of their labor on June 16, when their album will drop on Downtown Music.

On "Zumbi," the Shmilosmakis' hyper-faux ragga freestyle chant will keep your diaphragm active while Switch and Diplo's minimalist dancehall thud will make you want to get rill hostile up in the club:

Download [Direct]

In other Mad Decent news, cumbia/raverton king Toy Selectah released a free full length album of his remixes last night. If only I had this when I DJed for a very impatient salsa crowd a few weeks back. Click here to get the zip.

Bonus Video: "Zumbi" in the studio

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