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From the Vaults #3: Guest Mix by DJ EJ

ANTS Podcast mostly works the "deep finds" angle, but the time has come for a healthy dose of hit worship with a guest episode from DJ EJ, a longtime Fayetteville music scene staple. He was a station manager at KXUA, where he hosted Wheels of Steel, a show that spotlit local DJs. The show ended a few years back but lives on in the form of a party series, which has become one of EJ's best known projects. He's currently the music director for Art Amiss, a local organization dedicated to art, fashion and music in Arkansas. Check out the compilations he's curated here.

I'm very happy to have him contribute this mix of unabashed soft rock essentials for FTV. He's calling this mix "Dad's Yacht Rock," and he was kind enough to share some thoughts on the direction he took:

"'Yacht rock,' a pejorative term coined by Dayton Daily News popular music critic Dave Larsen in 1990 to describe an upcoming Jimmy Buffett concert in Cincinnati, and popularized by the 2005 to 2010 Channel 101 online video series of the same name, refers to the soft rock, nautically themed smooth music format prevalent throughout the '70s and into the mid '80s. This mix explores its overlap with another made up '70s genre, 'dad rock,' a reference to the soft, romantic music your dad used to set the mood while trying to put the moves on your mom." — DJ EJ

  1. Christopher Cross – "Sailing" [Warner Bros. Records, 1979]
  2. Ambrosia – "Biggest Part Of Me" [Warner Bros. Records, 1980]
  3. Player – "Baby Come Back" [RSO, 1977]
  4. Bread – "Make It With You" [Elektra, 1970]
  5. Seals & Crofts – "Summer Breeze" [Warner Bros. Records, 1972]
  6. Neil Diamond – "Forever in Blue Jeans" [Columbia, 1978]
  7. Jan Hammer – "Crockett's Theme (Extended 12" Mix)" [MCA Records, 1986]
  8. Boz Scaggs – "Jojo" [Columbia, 1980]
  9. Michael McDonald – "I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)" [Warner Bros. Records, 1982]
  10. Toto – "Georgy Porgy" [Columbia, 1978]
  11. Little River Band – "Reminiscing" [Harvest, 1978]
  12. Deliverance – "Leaving L.A." [Columbia, 1979]
  13. Steely Dan – "Midnite Cruiser" [ABC Records, 1972]
  14. Gordon Lightfoot - "Sundown" [Reprise Records, 1974]
  15. Eagles – "One of These Nights" [Asylum Records, 1975]
  16. Pages – "If I Saw You Again" [Epic, 1978]
  17. Air Supply – "Lost in Love" [Arista, 1979]
  18. England Dan & John Ford Coley – "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight" [Big Tree Records, 1976]
  19. Gerry Rafferty – "Right Down the Line" [United Artists Records, 1978]
  20. Climax Blues Band – "I Love You" [Warner Bros. Records, 1980]
  21. 10cc – "I'm Not in Love" [Mercury, 1975]
  22. Billy Joel – "Just the Way You Are" [Columbia, 1977]
  23. Loggins and Messina – "Sailin' the Wind" [Columbia, 1973]

Gentle Daps XIII: Guest Mix by Andras Fox

Up-and-coming Melbournian DJ/producer Andras Fox follows a busy release schedule of relaxed, skeletal disco-leaning dance tracks. He also dips into the occasional new age romp under his A.r.t. Wilson guise, which garnered him the #2 spot on AiMT's Best Albums of 2014 list with the Overworld cassette. When he's not touring Europe and South Asia, you can catch him hosting Strange Holiday, a weekly eclectic examination of leisurely musics. If you've heard Andras DJ on his radio show or elsewhere, you're likely aware of his affinity for unearthing deep finds, particularly ones native to Australia. That's precisely what he's offered up for this episode of Gentle Daps: impossibly rare guitar-centric soft pop, new age and synth-folk, all of which is 100% Aussie. Having been such a big fan of Andras' productions and mixes, I'm beyond stoked to have him contribute to the podcast. I can now happily cross Andras' name off my "Dream Daps Contributors" list. I'll be spending plenty of time with this one, and hopefully you'll do the same.

You can catch Andras being covered by indie media giants Vice, Stereogum and Resident Advisor, and you can hear more of his mixes on Boiler Room, Bleep, RBMA and countless others.

  1. Robert Welsh - "Song of the Reed"
  2. Gary Atkins - "Jenny"
  3. Don Burrows - "Forest Theme"
  4. Kevin Peek - "Sailplane"
  5. Richard Lockwood - "In the Doorway of the Dawn"
  6. Peter Martin & Finch - "D 13"
  7. Tully - "I Feel the Sun" (Excerpt)
  8. Dan Loneway - "With Her"
  9. Errol H Tout - "The Return of the Cold"
  10. John Sangster - "First Light"
  11. Ros Bandt - "Drums & Pipes"
  12. Tully - "Syndrone"
  13. Robert Welsh - "Desert Chant"

Gentle Daps XII: DAPS DYNASTY — 2-Hour Anniversary Special

The first Gentle Daps episode was published one year ago today. The series is now 12 episodes deep, and to my delight it has become the most streamed and downloaded segment of ANTS Podcast. To say this was unexpected would be an understatement. I would never have predicted that a highly personal archive of soft pop and new age guilty pleasures would perform better than the rest of the podcast. Beyond that, I've had the privilege of securing episodes from some truly great guest contributors.

As a little token of my appreciation for embracing the Daps series, I've decided to splurge and offer up this two-hour special, which equates to about three or four episodes worth of content.

Check back for a very special guest Daps mix later this month!

  1. John Keating - "Haley's Largo" [19?? / Public Information, 2014]
  2. Don Muro - "Island in the Sky" [Sine Wave Records, 1977 / Flannelgraph Records, 2013]
  3. Paul Immanuel Owens & Brian Haines - "Beyond the Bell Tower" [S/R, 1988]
  4. Stevie Wonder - "The First Garden" [Motown, 1979]
  5. Edgar Froese - "The Light Cone" [Virgin]
  6. Laurie Spiegel - "East River Dawn" [Philo, 1980 / Unseen Worlds, 2012]
  7. Allan Holdsworth - "Oneiric Moor" [Restless Records, 1992 / Eidolon Efformation, 2013]
  8. Cat Stevens - "Kypros" [Island Records, 1977]
  9. Global Communication - "4 14" [Dedicated, 1994]
  10. Eric Serra - "Deep Blue Dream" [Virgin, 1988]
  11. Lewis - "Love Showered Me" [R.A.W. Records, 1983 / Light in the Attic, 2014]
  12. Art of Noise - "(Three Fingers of) Love" [ZTT, 1985]
  13. Michael Stearns - "Bell Tear" [Sonic Atmospheres, 1986]
  14. Vangelis Katsoulis - "The Slipping Beauty" [Utopia, 1988 / Into the Light Records, 2014]
  15. B12 - "Static Emotion" [Warp Records, 1993]
  16. Steve Miller Band - "Harmony of the Spheres 1" [Italian X Rays, 1984]
  17. Jordan de la Sierra - "Sphere of Sublime Dances" [Unity Records, 1977 / Numero Group, 2014]
  18. Joe Sample - "Mirage" [MCA Records, 1985]
  19. Ry Cooder - "Johnny Handsome (Main Theme)" [Warner Bros. Records, 1989]
  20. Steve Hillage - "Shimmer" [Virgin, 1996]
  21. Steven Halpern & Dallas Smith - "Kyoto 1999" [Hear & Now Records, 1984]
  22. Cybe - "Painting No. 7" [Sonic Report, 1981]
  23. Haruomi Hosono - "Luminescent-Hotaru" [Yen Records, 1982]
  24. Jaco Pastorius - "Okonkole y Trompa" [Epic, 1976]
  25. Moondog - "Introduction & Overtone Continuum" [Kopf, 1991]
  26. Susumu Yokota - "Amanogawa" [Skintone, 1998]
  27. Jon Hassell - "Empire III" [Editions EG, 1983]
  28. Joe Zawinul - "The Great Empire" [Columbia, 1986]
  29. Barry Adamson - "Reverie" [Mute, 1992]
  30. Phil Manzanera - "Europe 70-1" [Editions EG, 1982]
  31. Jack DeJohnette - "Four Levels of Joy" [Prestige, 1974]
  32. Joe Walsh - "Inner Tube" [Asylum Records, 1978]
  33. Ashra - "77 Slightly Delayed" [Virgin, 1977]
  34. Craig Kupka - "Clouds I" [Folkways Records, 1981]

Gentle Daps XI: The New Age Revival… Continued

My original new age revival spotlight from June has been the most-streamed Gentle Daps episode so far, so it makes sense to kick off 2015 with a revisitation of this curious trend, which has been on the rise over the past few years and hit its peak in 2014. I've covered it rather extensively here on the blog, and things haven't slowed down for new age since my coverage began.

Here's to many more months of healing!

  1. Gaussian Curve - "Impossible Island" [Music From Memory]
  2. Jasper Lee - "Plateaux of Easy Feelings" [Noumenal Loom]
  3. Ashan - "Offerings" [Inner Islands]
  4. DBGE - "The Cumulus" [Scanline Society]
  5. Quiltland - "A Second Theme" [Astro:Dynamics]
  6. I Am Just a Pupil - "Heart Strings" [Twin Springs Tapes]
  7. Brenda Ray & A.r.t. Wilson - "Shimmer and Sway (Dawn Dance)" [S/R]
  8. Panabrite - "Voice Prothese" [Cosmic Winnetou]
  9. Arc of Doves - "Winter Light" [Rohs! Records]
  10. Softest - "Of Love and Fear" [Inner Islands]
  11. Opaline - "New Realities" [Phinery]
  12. Demonstration Synthesis - "Behind U" [Phinery]
  13. Crown of Eternity - "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo" [S/R]

Gentle Daps X: Guest Mix by Tanner Beam

This is Tanner's third ANTS Podcast contribution. This time around he's taken a timeout from the smooth disco-house of his previous offerings to share this small wealth of dad-centric guilty pleasures for Gentle Daps.

  1. Yes - "The Solid Time of Change" [Atlantic, 1972]
  2. Trevor Rabin - "The Cape" [Elektra, 1989]
  3. Biosphere - "Ride" [Origo Sound]
  4. Can - "Ping Pong" [Harvest, 1978]
  5. Tears for Fears - "The Marauders" [Fontana, 1996]
  6. Aphex Twin - "i" [Apollo, 1992]
  7. Black Sabbath - "FX" [Vertigo, 1972]
  8. Paul Horn w/ Ralph Dyck - "Voyager II" [Golden Flute Records, 1983]
  9. The Alan Parsons Project - "Nucleus" [Arista, 1977]
  10. Andreas Vollenweider - "Lunar Pond" [Colomba, 1982]
  11. Black Sabbath - "Solitude" [Vertigo, 1971]
  12. Fleetwood Mac - "When I See You Again" [Warner Bros. Records, 1987]
  13. Jethro Tull - "Cheerio" [Chrysalis, 1982]
  14. Harold Budd & Cocteau Twins - "Bloody and Blunt" [4AD, 1986]

Armchair Backlog, 2014 Q4

Armchair Backlog is a slightly rebranded continuation of the Chill Backlog series, in which I’ll handpick some of my favorite new subdued sounds each quarter.

  1. Toby Gale - "World 8" [Activia Benz]
  2. Call Super - "Sulu Sekou" [Houndstooth]
  3. Lapalux - "Movement II" [Brainfeeder]
  4. Paul White - "Running on a Rainy Day" [R&S Records]
  5. DJAO - "Kitchen" [Dropping Gems]
  6. The Legendary Hearts - "Acceleration" [Not Not Fun]
  7. Rustie - "Paradise Stone" [Warp Records]
  8. Dalhous - "Someone Secure" [Blackest Ever Black]
  9. Arca - "Thievery" [Mute]
  10. Memotone & Soosh - "Pale Fire" [Project Mooncircle]
  11. Para One - "Les Etages" [Hold Up Films et Productions]

Gentle Daps IX: Guest Mix by Ana Cabaleiro

Ana Cabaleiro is a photographer based out of Vigo, Spain. She has fronted the Microphones in the Trees music blog for nearly a decade since its 2005 inception. With a lean toward obscuro strains of ambient and folk, Ana focuses her blogging energies on unearthing lost full lengths via vinyl and cassette rips as well as spotlighting new releases. She posts several times a week, and her own 50- and 100-track quarterly MP3 mixes are bursting at the seams with impossibly rare gems. Given her prolific work on the site and her love for music of the quieter persuasion, I knew she could put together an epic Daps playlist, and she did! Please enjoy, and when you're done, go take a look at Microphones in the Trees if you haven't already. You won't be disappointed.

  1. Joe Veneux - "Ocean" [Chappell Music, 1967]
  2. Bob Kindler - "Music From the Matrix I (Side A Excerpt)" [Jai Ma Music, 1982]
  3. Dick Schory's New Percussion Ensemble - "Baia" [RCA Victor, 1958]
  4. Eric Vann - "Waterworld" [Coloursound Library, 1982]
  5. Tim Wheater - "Perfumed Garden" [Reflection Records, 1977]
  6. Joël Fajerman - "Plage de Lune" [Carrere, Carrere, 1982]
  7. Inner Travels - "Rising" [S/R, 2014]
  8. Tim Clark - "Rings 3" [Hearts of Space, 1986]
  9. Emerald Web - "Manatee Dreams" [Scarlet Records, 1990]
  10. Camille Sauvage - "Bateau Mouche" [Mondiophone, 197?]
  11. Sergei Nikitin & Tatiana Nikitina - "Ezhik Rezinovyi" [19??]
  12. Heino Jurisalu - "Tantsulugu" [Melodiya, 1977]
  13. James Clarke - "Mountain Scenery" [Bruton Music, 1985]
  14. James Fox & Mac Prindy - "Sea Movement" [Sonoton, 1980]
  15. Jackalope - "Dog Soldier" [Canyon Records, 1992]
  16. Marcey Hamm - "Crossing the Desert" [Music by Marcey, 1987]
  17. Children of Scarfolk Primary School - "In the Playground" [Scarfolk Council, 2013]
  18. Tim Robertson - "Outer Planetary Church Music #3" [S/R, 1993]
  19. Jacques Lasry - "Manège" [BAM, 1965]
  20. Ravi Shankar - "Alice in Wonderland End Titles" [BBC, 1966]

ANTS Podcast #032: Glowworm Grime

It's been two and a half years since ANTS offered up an all-grime episode. The decade-old UK music form has dazzled in 2014, so the time has come to examine it once again. The focus this time is "grimegaze," the synth-heavy, melodic strain of grime championed by Dark0 but also practiced by many of the genre's most visible figures. Drawing influences from JRPG soundtracks, ambient and the current reemergence of beat-driven downtempo, these ethereal tracks are breathing new life into grime at a time when many may have predicted its stagnation.

  1. Moleskin - "Slow Dancing With Ms Haversham to Moments in Love in Satis House" [Keysound Recordings]
  2. Visionist - "Acceptance" [Lit City Trax] ab cd ef gh ij kl mn op qr st uv
  3. Kirk Spencer ft. Celestial Trax - "Rain Drift" [Strangerzoo]
  4. Last Japan - "Crystal Tokyo" [Circadian Rhythms]
  5. Dark0 - "Amethyst" [Gobstopper Records]
  6. Shriekin - "Steel Ships" [Local Action Records]
  7. JT the Goon - "Twin Warriors" [Oil Gang]
  8. Slackk - "Hesitate" [Local Action Records]
  9. Chemist - "Blocks (Last Japan's 'Still Kold' Remix)" [Coyote Records]
  10. Strict Face - "New Moonlight" [Tuff Wax Records]
  11. Logos - "Night Flight" [Keysound Recordings]

Gentle Daps VIII: Halloween Special

Gentle Daps takes a detour into the dreary, paranormal realms of soft goth and industrial, dream pop, dark ethereal, ambient, prog and horror cinema for this lengthy Halloween special.

Note: SoundCloud stream is slightly abbreviated. Download or stream on Mixcloud for the full mix.

  1. Lycia - "Pygmallion" [Projekt, 1983]
  2. Ragnar Grippe - "Postlude" [BIS, 1982]
  3. Claudio Simonetti, Massimo Morante & Fabio Pignatelli - "Tenebre (Reprise)" [Cinevox, 1982]
  4. Alien Sex Fiend - "Seconds to Nowhere" [Anagram Records, 1985]
  5. SPK - "Palms Crossed in Sorrow" [Nettwerk, 1987]
  6. Cranes - "Watersong" [Dedicated, Dedicated, 1991]
  7. Ministry - "Dream Song" [Sire, 1989]
  8. Mick Karn - "The Tooth Mother" [CMP, 1995]
  9. Charles Bernstein - "A Nightmare on Elm Street: Main Title" [Varèse Sarabande, 1984]
  10. Japan - "The Width of a Room" [Virgin, 1980]
  11. B.E.F. - "Decline of the West" [Virgin, 1981]
  12. Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook - "Clouds" [4AD, 1987]
  13. Dead Can Dance - "Ocean" [4AD, 1984]
  14. Lustmord - "Mass" [Side Effects, 1985]
  15. Bel Canto - "Capio" [Crammed Discs, 1987]
  16. Front Line Assembly - "Eastern Voices" [Dossier, 1987]
  17. Ralph Lundsten - "Ristningar" [His Master's Voice, 1969]
  18. John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - "The Rock" [MCA Records, 1982]
  19. John Carpenter - "The Fog: End Credits" [Varèse Sarabande, 1984]
  20. Alice Cooper - "Years Ago" [Atlantic, 1975]

ANTS Podcast #031.5: The Secret Ambient Discography of Mike Paradinas

Last week I wrote a feature about the legacy of Mike Paradinas (aka µ-Ziq) and its many similarities to that of Aphex Twin. Over the years, Mike has put out many ambient tunes nestled stealthily into his full length releases. Even die-hard fans of the London-born producer may discount the notion of Mike being a force in the genre simply because—unlike Aphex Twin—Mike has strewn these songs about his catalog rather than focusing his ambient efforts into a single listen (e.g., Selected Ambient Works). The feature on Mike included a Spotify playlist of 25 of his ambient songs from his various aliases from throughout his 20+ year career. He's given me the green light to feature this playlist in podcast form, so here you go.

This is a special Mixcloud-only edition of ANTS.

  1. µ-Ziq - "27" [Rephlex, 1994]
  2. µ-Ziq - "Strawberry Fields Hotel [Planet Mu, 2007]
  3. µ-Ziq - "Whale Soup" [Rephlex, 1993]
  4. Kid Spatula - "Squirms" [Planet Mu, 2004]
  5. µ-Ziq - "Ethereal Murmurings" [Rephlex, 2004]
  6. µ-Ziq - "Eggshell" [Planet Mu, 2007]
  7. µ-Ziq - "Fall of Antioch" [Planet Mu, 2003]
  8. µ-Ziq - "Oh" [Planet Mu, 199?/2013]
  9. µ-Ziq - "Slag Boom Van Loon - "SPC-CH-PN" [Planet Mu, 1998]
  10. Kid Spatula - "Snorkmaiden" [Planet Mu, 2000]
  11. Kid Spatula - "Mighty Softstep" [Planet Mu, 2004]
  12. µ-Ziq - "The Wheel" [Rephlex, 1994]
  13. µ-Ziq - "PRG" [Planet Mu, 2014]
  14. Slag Boom Van Loon - "Pedals" [Planet Mu, 1998]
  15. µ-Ziq - "Eggshell 2" [Planet Mu, 2007]
  16. µ-Ziq - "Sick Porter" [Rephlex, 1994]
  17. µ-Ziq - "Air" [Planet Mu, 199?/2013]
  18. Slag Boom Van Loon - "Sutedja" [Planet Mu, 1998]
  19. µ-Ziq - "Painshill Park" [Planet Mu, 2007]
  20. µ-Ziq - "Wannabe" [Planet Mu, 1997]
  21. Kid Spatula - "Qisope" [Planet Mu, 2000]
  22. µ-Ziq - "Scaling" [Hut Recordings, 1999]
  23. Slag Boon Van Loon - "Mooshy" [Planet Mu, 1998]
  24. µ-Ziq - "Pollux" [Planet Mu, 199?/2013]
  25. Heterotic - "Liverpool" [Planet Mu, 2014]