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Dynasty of Ghost Town (Sampler)

This is a 50-minute sampler of Bathetic Records' forthcoming 11-cassette pack, Dynasty of a Ghost. You read that correctly: ELEVEN tapes, all of which lean pretty heavily toward experimental ambient/drone stylings. Artists include Lee Noble, M Ged Gengras, Padang Food Tigers and Little Rock's William Cody Watson.


Pepperboy - "Smoking Green 2014" + "America Me" Video


Pepperboy - 3 Volleys (Free Album)

Hot off the heels of a SXSW performance and a collaboration EP with 607, Arkansas' hardest working rapper, Pepperboy, is back today with his 14th release in only two years time. Like his last few projects, 3 Volleys is a free full length LP out on the southern division of Main Attrakionz' Greenova label.

Pepp has kept his infatuation with military imagery no secret, and 3 Volleys is his first military-themed concept album. If you need a crash course on Pepperboy, don't forget to read my interview and dissection of his discography from last October: A Layman's Guide to Pepperboy.

607 ft. Errol Westbrook & Big Dolla - "Block Monster (Remix)"

E-Dubb is out, and y'all in trouble. Get this on iTunes, Amazon.

Get to know more about E-Dubb after the jump.

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Pepperboy - "Psycho"


Pepperboy - "My 1st One"


Pepperboy & 607 - Mixed Messages EP

Pep messaged me earlier this week and hinted at a surprise collab EP with 607, but I had no idea when we could expect it or how likely it would be to even come together. Needless to say I didn't expect to wake up this morning with the completed EP in my inbox.

For many Arkansas rap fans out there, this EP will be a big deal. Both Lord Six and Pep are highly prolific and visible, not to mention they're both over a decade deep into their output and have both hit huge spikes of national notoriety in recent months and years. So it makes a lot of sense for them to come together and release a proper collaboration project.

Anyway I'll have more to say about this later, but I wanted to at least post it for now:


Pepperboy's Str8 off the Block 5 now on cassette

You can now cop a limited cassette edition of Pepperboy's Str8 off the Block 5: Really Real courtesy of Anti-Party Music. It is one of eight albums the Little Rock rapper dropped in 2013. (If you haven't read my Pepperboy feature from back in October, do so now!!

You can test drive the album below before purchasing:


Pepperboy ft. Metro Zu - "Us Against Them"


New 607 album: NerdFromTheHood

A few years back, Little Rock rap mainstay 607 began scaling back his frenzied album release schedule. In the '00s he was known for dropping as many as four per year. In 2010 he rolled out three albums under the earFear guise, which is a collaboration with his brother Bobby. 2011 yielded another earFear album along with a 607 solo album. And since 2012 he's shrunk his output down to a manageable one album per year. The results have been largely favorable. Don't get me wrong—hearing a new Lord Six project every few months had its merits, but the new Six is more refined and more calculated. The time and care put into last year's YIK3LIF3! and the brand new NerdFromTheHood is very evident.

The latter, his 39th album which dropped earlier today, is chockfull of variety in terms of topics and directions from song to song. Eclectic albums are nothing new for 607, but the quality and maturity in dealing with such is what sets this album apart from his work in previous years. He jumps from lap dances on "Give It Up" to heart-wrenching social commentary on the chilling "Let's Talk About It," and he's clearly comfortable every/anywhere in between.

It's also notable that this is Six's first album since his viral Worldstar smash, "Block Monster," which garnered over 3.6 million views earlier this year.

Anyway I'll be bumping this for months to come, and I encourage you to do the same. And while you're at it, check the NerdFromTheHood promo vids and don't forget the 607 Flip Pack compilation I put up on the AiMT SoundCloud a while back.