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The End of an Era: Little Rock's Cool Shoes

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It was announced just last week that Cool Shoes, a four-years strong and much-cherished Little Rock EDM monthly, will be throwing its last party tonight. AiMT has been loosely affiliated with Cool Shoes for a long time, so it's definitely sad to see it go. Luckily the Fayetteville chapter of Cool Shoes is still going strong and will be throwing its seventh party tomorrow.

If you've ever had a good time in Little Rock at a Cool Shoes, tonight is your chance to do it one last time. Don't miss it!

Keyboard Kid & Pepperboy - "Stressin'"

New Pepperboy heat with Seattle's Keyboard Kid:

Check yesterday's Pepperboy post, which is loaded up with streams and free downloads.

ANTS Podcast #008: Guest DJ Tanner Beam


I took this episode off so the Fayetteville homie Tanner Beam could catch some ANTS shine. Currently a resident of the Washington, D.C. area, Tanner has been making music and DJing for many years, and in recent years his focus has shifted to downbeat stylings.

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Lots of free stuff by Little Rock rapper Pepperboy

I've been a bad Arkansas blogger. I claim to rep AR rap to the fullest. However, Fader, Mishka, Spin, and everyone else on earth seems to have beaten me to Little Rock's Pepperboy, a seasoned AR-bred rapper whose catalog goes back over ten years. . .

Pepperboy's notoriety hit a spike last year when Lil B used one of Pepperboy's beats on his Bitch Mob mixtape. One thing led to another, and now it's safe to say that Pepperboy's name is officially buzzing. It's good timing too because 2012 has been a very active year for him, and he's been kind enough to give away tons of tracks and full releases on his Bandcamp page.

New EP:

Newly released rarities collection spanning Pepperboy's entire 10-year career:

"My World," which uses Lil B's "I'm God" instrumental (produced by Clams Casino):

More after the jump.

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607 announces he's no longer releasing music

Longtime AiMT favorite 607 sent a ripple through the AR hip-hop community earlier this week when he announced that he will no longer release music. Today he clarified that he's not retiring from music—he's just putting the music on hold and trying to get a proper budget together for his next project. I support Lord Six's decision to slow things down and explore other avenues. Here's hoping he makes that dough and comes back soon.

Long-known for his unyielding work ethic, 607 recorded 37 albums over he past 12 years—that's three albums per year on average. Since summer of 2010, he has recorded one solo album and four EarFear albums. (EarFear is his duo with his brother Bobby.) As a parting gift, he's made all five albums available for free download for a limited time. Get them all here and here.

On top of that, Lord Six gave me permission to upload the flips he did for AiMT onto a SoundCloud set. He's submitted 12 flips since 2009. His take on Crookers' "What Up Y'all" made it to #2 on Hype Machine. His flip of Rich Boy's "Drop" got reblogged by Mad Decent. And his verse on a Diplo beat placed #2 in Mad Decent's Makin Xmas competition.

This SoundCloud set features 10 flips. You can download all 12 here.

More 607 goodies after the jump.

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Azealia Banks - "Fuck Up the Fun" prod. by Diplo

Azealia Banks with Cornell West | photo by Kate Perkins
AiMT has been a ghost town for two months, but the hiatus is ending now in a big way. The next post will be the debut of something BIG for this site, mainly because it will provide content on a regular basis in a format that will be a lot easier for me to stay on top of regularly and naturally.

While I'm putting the finishing touches on it, I thought I'd share some new heat by two of AiMT's all-time favs, Diplo and Azealia Banks. (By the way, if you didn't catch the video for Diplo's new single, "Express Yourself," please do so now.)

Here's a bonus, which I posted back in January, but the SOPA blackout kept us from getting our precious aggregated web love:

BONUS: Azealia Banks - "212 (607 Flip)":


Azealia Banks ft. 607 - "212 (Remix)"

Lord Six just graced my inbox with this clever flip of Azealia Banks and Lazy Jay's still-amazing AiMT favorite "212."


Stream and buy 607's new album here and hear a track from it after the jump.

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Cool Shoes Fayetteville tonight!

Cool Shoes Fayettevilleflyer design by Shawn Lee
It's Friday the 13th, and the amazingly on-point monthly Little Rock party Cool Shoes has come to Fayetteville! I've been pumping Cool Shoes here on AiMT for years now, so I'm very happy to help bring it to my home town. Tonight we've got Cool Shoes residents Wolf-E-Wolf and Cam Holifield along with myself and local DJ/promoter extraordinaire Beat Bachs. The Cool Shoes crew will be bringing down tons of extra sound, lights, and visuals. Hope to see you there.

Enjoy Wolf-E-Wolf's remix of Ronald Jenkees as a teaser for tonight:


earFear [ft. Jessica Lauren] - "Money"

photo by Eli Patterson
Back in June, Little Rock's premier hip-hop duo earFear dropped Art Class, which AiMT has proudly sported as a streaming widget on the side bar. Around that same time of the album's release, earFear member and AiMT regular 607 sent me his marvelous flip of Diplo and Douster's "On!," which you can peep below. Upon receiving it, I tucked the MP3 away in some obscure folder and pitifully forgot about it. Meanwhile, earFear has managed to complete another full album, which is slated to drop on Halloween. It will be earFear's third album in the last 10 months.

What I want you to take away from this story is that it takes me longer to post an MP3 than it takes earFear to complete an entire album. So to celebrate earFear's beyond-diligent work ethic (and AiMT's non-existent time management skills), here is a long-overdue selection from their awesome (and still new) album, Art Class. You can cop the album for $10 over on their Bandcamp page.


And here's the "On!" flip:

BONUS: Diplo & Douster - "On! (607 Flip)"


And here's a full version for any DJs who may want to play it out. Watch for earFear's next album on Halloween!

Major Lazer [ft. Vybz Kartel] - "Pon de Floor (Wolf-E-Wolf Remix)"

illustration by Arlo Rams
Arkansas' reigning dubstep head honcho Wolf-E-Wolf doesn't drop tracks all too often, but when he does, it's usually quite an event. And this rework of the '09 Major Lazer classic is his most impressive offering to date.


Wolf has been owning the Central Arkansas party circuit lately. He's headlined just about every Cool Shoes and Sub Kulture in the past year—this is the case even when they've got big-name out-of-towners on the bill. This remix is a good indication that Wolf won't likely be slowing down anytime soon.
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